The Mac Tech Blog

Here you will find all the Mac topics we cover on this website.

Mac Tips and Tricks

This will cover all topics designed to make your life easier. All the posts will be written for those people who are less than Mac Savvy. Seniors and people who are new to Mac will enjoy these posts as I always write with them in mind.

    Scams and Apple Malware

    The modern Mac is no longer immune to Malware. At the same time, hackers and scammers are trying to trick you into opening up your computer to them. These posts range from the super basic where even the most tech terrified senior can understand to some slightly more technical information that may be interesting to someone who has a few levels of Mac-fu on their character sheet.

    Adult & Senior Tech Training

    This will cover all things Senior and Technology (I do focus on Macs) Seniors are amazing people but they have all lied to themselves into thinking they cannot learn how to use a computer. I want to stop that.

      Kevin’s Tinker Blog

      This category of Blog will cover all the other projects that I am working on that is not necessarily Mac related but still within the realm of technology.I will warn you that due to my ADHD and Dyslexia this section of the blog will only have basic editing so expect errors. (Let’s have the Editor focus on the Mac stuff)

        “But that is another Blog post” AKA the Mac Rabbit hole

        This is where I’m going to stick all the blog posts about all the topics that were cut short because they were tangents or would have made the blog too complex to put into a single blog post.

          Lithgow and Technology

          This selection will cover all the issues that affect Lithgow NSW. This will address local issues and Lithgow events related to tech.

            Lithgow Phones Blog

            Did you know that we also repair phones? Yeah, we do. However, we have a different website that focuses only on iPhones and Androids. Sorry the RSS feed does not have the same photo thumbnails as this website does.

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            The Big List of Categories

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