Senior Class how to avoid Scams.

FREE CLASS: How to avoid scam for seniors!

Since I started my business clients have reported over $300,000 AUD lost to scammers in Lithgow alone. Unfortunately, those are only the people who have come to talk to me. I expect the number to be much much larger. With scam calls on the rise, we need to arm ourselves with information.

For those people who do not know I study scams. Not just the technical aspect of the scam but the psychology of the scam. Using my knowledge of scams and my 20 years of Teaching Seniors how to use tech, I have created a class that will hopefully prevent someone from being a victim of a scam.

We remove the tech from the conversation

Seniors are uncomfortable with tech. This is a perfect way for a scammer to create confusion, frustration and fear. These emotions are the mental crowbar the scammers use to trick their victims into giving them access to their computers or phone.

Tech in this case is a distraction! Many seniors focus so much on the tech they do not see the RED FLAGS of a scam. So this class we remove all the tech from the conversation so we can focus on the scam. The tech comes later.

Even the most Tech avoiding senior will understand every word used in this class. (We have a 115-year-old English dictionary just in case)

Free for everyone not just seniors

I wrote this class a few years ago but as much as I need to charge for classes I just could not bring myself to put a price tag on preventing seniors how to avoid scams. All you have to do is see the face of some of the victims to understand why. It did not seem right to me. So after a brief conversation with my wife and business partner we agreed to make this class free for the students. We are however looking to take this class on the road and are looking for sponsors.

  • No Tech knowledge needed
  • No Memorization
  • Every word can be understood by people who hate computers

One on One version of this class are available as a personal training class for the regular fee

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