Awards and Achievements

Kevin’s AppleCare* Awards

I don’t brag much. It’s not in my nature, though there are a few things that I take a lot of pride in. I am especially proud of how I fix even the strange issues with an iMac and my customer service skills.

So I will brag about the awards I have received while working at AppleCare. They are one of the few things I brought with me from California. My first award was a little bit of a shock to me as I had no idea that I could have ever possibly performed better than 100 other phone agents. In fact, it did not even register at first when the Manager called my name during our division meeting. I had to have one of my coworkers tap me on the shoulder and say “Hey Kev, she just called your name…. It’s you! Congratulations!” The idea of being called up in front of 400 -500 other Phone agents and having the Global Director of AppleCare hand me an award for Customer Satisfaction was a bit daunting. And no, I never got used to it … even after the third time.

I do miss working at Applecare Call Center in Elk Grove California. I have scanned my awards for everyone to see …(I’m missing two… One for Training and one more for 100% customer satisfaction for a Q2 2007)

AppleCare Award for Customer Satisfaction

Marc’s Community Service and Academic Achievements

Marc put herself through an Environmental Studies and Business Administration degree, followed by a Juris Doctor (post grad law degree), all while working as a single Mum in the US.

During that time she made ends meet with a variety of jobs, from landscaping and housecleaning to executive fiscal management of a multi-million dollar budget for an indigenoue urban health clinic. All her work is focused on helping and empowering people, whether it is doing laundry for a local Senior or providing legal advice at a drop in community legal centre clinic.

Marc has always worked in the space where social justice meets technology. Once she and Kevin teamed up they were active in the (then) emerging Podcast community. Marc believes that access to tech, the ability to share and communicate accross cultures and borders, and improved computer literacy and critical thinking skills are vital tools for creating an equitable world. She pursued this belief through an education in Intellectual Property Law and online Copyright policy as well as working for one of the largest global online legal pubishling companies in Sydney.

These days Marc is busy behind the scenes pursuing various legal tech opportunities, getting involved in the Lithgow community and handling miscellaneous administrative tasks for MacMason.

Kittyninja’s Awards

Honestly, we had to come up with something if nothing else so the button of Kittyninja had somewhere to go. So I created an award in the Pages application. You can find out how to make an award for your cat using OSX Pages here.

Example of final Pages tutorial awards
Kittyninja Award for taking naps: Example of the final product for the Pages how to tutorial