Lonely Hearts Scam: Day 5 “Showing money you don’t have”

As the conversation with the con artists continues. The conversation is starting to take some interesting steps. “Alice” is starting to show off some of “Her money” by showing off her new car. The conversation was me just asking if they had a good day.

I’m not one for cars. Honestly, my midlife crisis would result in a Mac Pro with a terabyte of RAM or maybe a masters degree. but cars not so much. What I was hoping for was a selfie pic in front of a car. (Can be used to figure out location or do a reverse image search to see who’s face the con artist is using) However, what I got was not informative to me but it is a great teaching point.

What “Alice” sent me was a video of them walking around the car, However, take a look at the photo. What do you notice?

They are not in the video, nor do they say anything. In the video, I can hear shoes on the ground however I can’t tell if they are men’s shoes or a woman high heels. (I’m a computer tech, not a sound engineer…my ears are not that good anyway. I tried looking in the reflections but could not see anything that would give away who was holding the camera.

The video was taken in the showroom. At what point do you think that anyone would stop you from making the same video? Nothing. A mark would just look at the video and take their word. But I’m not that guy.

The weather looks like Spring or Summer day. The person in the background is wearing a polo shirt. Now I don’t know much about the weather in China. So I looked it up. I’m thinking not so much. Now to be fair there is a possibility of being in southern china but I’m thinking …. not so much.

Once again showing off wealth by stating her secretary is going to get the car. Nice gig if you can get it. But once again it’s easy to give away a car like this to someone if the car is still sitting in a showroom somewhere.

Why do con artists like to say they have money?

It’s not to brag, leave that to the Reality TV stars & Instagram influencers. It’s to alter your perceptions.

Think about it. We all have prejudices. When someone who looks like a beggar walks up to you assume they are going to ask for money. However, you would not expect them to ask you “Where is the public library?” With the beggar you are already to say no regardless of what they ask, You are expecting them to want your money either by asking or forcefully taking it.

The same goes for someone with money. Could you imagine anyone who could afford to give their secretary a sports car asking for money? No. Your defences are down.

If your money is motivated then you are also thinking in the back of your head “How can I get some of that money?” You are already receptive to any secret deal they might offer you. Remember if greed is your weakness the con artist already has your money. you just need to send it.

Next post… Investment scam? Or both?

Next time something comes up that makes me question if it is a lonely hearts scam. Maybe it’s something more dangerous.

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