Am I sure this is a Lonely hearts Scam?

The ongoing saga of me documenting a lonely hearts scam.

A friend of mine mentioned that perhaps this is a real person reaching out to me just to have a conversation. Yes, that is very possible. but I really doubt it. Let’s talk about how I have come to this conclusion.

    Looking at the information we have

    None of the below is reason enough to think that it’s a scam but when you add them all together it’s really hard to think it could be anything else.

    They contacted me out of the blue. This was not a dating website. This was a random connection on Whatsapp. There are no records on any of my devices for this person.

    Attractive! The profile image is of an attractive woman (who by the way does not show up on any of my reverse image searches) Once again not something that is impossible.

    Willing to chat even after mentioning it’s a wrong number. How many times have you called the wrong number and then chatted for hours?

    TImezones don’t match up. The scammer seems to be most active at night. Now she says she is in China. However, China is not too far off with the time zones here in Sydney. It is hard for me to believe that someone never looks at their phone during the day. Not impossible but very rare.

    The Phone numbers are from the UK. and the numbers changed to another UK number. Because Whatsapp is tied to a phone number when a chat message is sent it shows the number it’s connected to. So when a second chat window popped up with a different number that was a red flag.

    She hints at having money. Not a problem in most cases but once again adding this all up suggests that there is something else going on here. When was the last time you bragged about having money? Really?

    She is starting to hint at romance. and setting me up to be the “Hero”. While I can be a charming guy, I have gone out of my way to be boring in this case. Once again .. though by itself does not mean this is a scam when you add it all up…

    Does it seem like a scam?

    For those who have been reading the text and think “It does not seem like a scam” then the con artist is doing their job. At what point would you think that a con artist is going to start a conversation that is obviously a scam?

    Remember the lonely hearts scam only works if a romance starts to build. So they have to seem as normal as possible. They will be patent and take their time.

    What if I’m wrong?

    Ask yourself this? Does it matter? I’m taking the same precautions regardless. The information I’m posting about scams would not change. However, if that is the case I’m happy to apologize for using this person as an example. After we meet in person.

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