My iPhone 15 Predictions

iPhone 15 is coming out next week .. To be clear all my sources from when I worked at Apple dried up years ago. I do spend a lot of times reading Apple Rumour Blogs and use my knowledge of the past Tech advancements and apply it to the rumours.

Getting up EARLY

So I am one of those geeks who gets up at 3:00 AM to watch the Apple announcement Live. The reason for this I think that I should know as much about Apple products before everyone else. While some Phone repair places will take their time to discover a few things about a new Apple Product I want to know EVERYTHING.

So what are my predictions for the Apple iPhone 15 announcement

iPhone 15 announcement ?

USB-C connector … you are going to love it

I just wrote a blog post about Apple is not going to be converting to USB-C to take your money. They are actually forced to do so by a EU mandate. I can already hear the complaints about how Apple is only changing to take your money….. By switching to a universal port that all the other phone companies have been using for years with a wider selection of products that Apple will never see a dime.


Yep the news is that Apple is switching to Titanium for the phone cases. This as a Phone repair tech makes me smile because that means there is going to be less phones that have damaged cases. Something that a lot of people do not know is that the phone case is really hard to replace. If the body of the phone is bent in any way there ate times that I am not able to repair a broken screen because it will never fit correctly.

Switching to Titanium is a good choice.

iphone 15 More expensive

Apple has been increasing its prices over time. While do have a problem with this because I am not able to buy the latest Apple tech for myself I do understand why they are doing it.

My prediction is that the iPhone 15 will be the most expensive phone yet.. but it will be worth every penny if it is anything like the iPhone 14 pro that I have been using overt the last year.

iPhone 15 Slient button goes Smart

One of the reports that I have been reading is that the button on the side will be smart and will no longer only able to put the phone in silent mode. The idea will to have other modes that the phone can do with that button.

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