Is Apple Switching to USB-C to take your Money ?

Is Apple switching to USB-C just to take your Money? I do not think so.. here is why.

I worked at Apple when they switched from the 30 pin adapter that came with the first iPhone to the now famous lighting connector. For a whole year everyone who came into the Apple Store would complain “Apple is just forcing use to change to make more money”. Little did they know the number of phone repairs because someone tried to force the 30 pin connector in their iPhone upside down was declining. (Yes people did that all the time..)

What a lot of people did not know is that that 30 pin connector was slow and easy to break if someone tried to force it into an iPhone upside down. While Apple would charge for that repair it was a better customer experience to change the connector to something that could be used no matter how you plugged it into your phone.

But people complained because they did not want to buy new accessories. They however did not complain because their iPhone was no longer breaking and the transfer and charging speed was much faster.

Apple Switching to USB-C

What if we did not change the adapters.

While some people are resistant to change they sure enjoy the changes when they come. Tech always improves or it dies. Remember those old printer cables you know the huge ones that are bigger and thicker than your phone? Imagine having to screw in a power adapter into your phone all the time ?

While this does mean that you will need to change to the USB-C adapters for many of your products this does not mean that other adapters will not work. This also means that all your Bluetooth devices are unaffected.

a person using an old computer,  just because it is old does not make it better. USB-C is the way to go
Imagine lugging this thing around.

USB-C is better

In a previous post I mentioned that USB-C is much better than the lighting cables found on the current iPhones.

  • Faster charging
  • Faster transfer of larger files (Iphone Pro Rez formats are HUGE)
  • All other phone manufactures use USB-C

Before you complain .. understand the other 300 phone manufactures all use USB-C. Only Apple uses the lighting connector. This means that you do not have to give Apple any money for new cable because there is a good chance that you may already have the correct cables in your house. There is a good chance that all the other people you know are already using USB-C

Apple has no choice

If Apple still wants to sell phones in the EU they have no choice but to change to USB-C. Apple Switching to USB-C is not a money maker it is a money KEEPER. It would cost Apple TONS of money to make an iPhone only for the EU because of this law just to keep an outdated connector everywhere else.

Changing to USB-C is the best choice for Apple and they should have done it YEARS Ago.

If nothing else Apple can’t stop you from buying chargers and accessories from other companies anymore.

You will COMPLAIN and forget all about it in a year

Honestly everyone complains because they do not like change but everyone likes change, think of it like taking the kids to the park. They always complain because they can’t use their iPads but when you get them to the park it is all about the fun 🙂

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