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Upgrade vs repair your iPhone?

The question of if you should upgrade or repair your iPhone is a good one. I wish the answer would be as simple as sure get your iPhone repaired (that would be good for my business). But honestly, it’s more complex than that! Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide if you will upgrade to the new iPhone 14 or get your old iPhone 7 repaired. Upgrade vs repair your iPhone? it’s up to you!

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The first question why are you getting the iPhone Repaired?

If you walk into my repair shop at the top end of Main Street Lithgow (51 Main Street). You will see a lot of old Mac products in my showroom and being used as part of my business! I am far from one of those people who throw away old devices just because they are broken or old. But you need to ask yourself “WHY are you getting the iPhone repaired?”

For older devices like the iPhone 4,5,6,6s 7 and 7 Plus, the idea of getting the phone repaired is more for sentimental value vs practical everyday use. While this is a good reason for the repair you do need to put into consideration that older devices will not work as well as the more current models.

That said the iphone 7, 8 , X, Xs ,XR , 11 and 12 though considered older models are still fully functional and there is no need to upgrade right away.

Recovering Data

Now and then I get a device on my repair desk that is there for data recovery, basically, the owner does not plan to use the phone but for some reason, there is no current backup. I am clear with the customer at times like this that the repair is only to recover the data as we only need to make the phone work one more time so we can extract the data.

Nothing wrong with the old phone except the battery or the display

If you have an old phone that the only thing wrong with it is the battery or the display a repair may give it a few more years of life before you have to upgrade. This is one of those times when I would recommend a repair of your iPhone.

Too broke to upgrade right now!

Wow, how many times have I said this? too many! when asking if to upgrade vs repair your iPhone this is perhaps one of the most important reasons for a repair!

We do not always have a chance to upgrade as often as we would like. Maybe an upgrade is too expensive (Though you should consider getting a refurbished iPhone) and a screen replacement is a good option! Upgrade vs repair your iPhone?

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