Mobile Phone Repairs Lithgow

Every day, numerous individuals walk into our shop inquiring, “Do you fix phones?” This frequent inquiry has prompted us to highlight the diverse services we provide. Along with considering a bigger sign that prominently features “iPhone and Samsung Repairs,” we present a comprehensive list of our offerings tailored to meet your needs. Please note that service prices may vary based on the model, extent of damage, and part availability.

wrecked iPhone Mobile Phone Repairs Lithgow
Mobile Phone Repairs Lithgow
  1. Mobile Phone Repairs Lithgow Are you dealing with cracked, unresponsive touch, or shattered LCD screens? Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle these issues efficiently. We maintain a stock of the most common iPhone screens, ensuring speedy same-day repairs. Rest assured, all our repairs come with a 90-day warranty.
  2. iPhone Battery Replacements As much as we’d like our phone batteries to remain as efficient as they were on day one, they tend to wear out over time. If your iPhone battery is exhibiting decreased charge capacity, we offer reasonably priced battery replacement services. Moreover, before suggesting a replacement, we’ll ensure that your device’s settings are optimized for maximum efficiency.
  3. Samsung Battery Replacement Similar to iPhones, even top-of-the-line Samsung phones experience battery wear and tear. We’ll assess your phone’s settings to guarantee they’re optimized before proceeding with the necessary repairs.
  4. Phone Not Charging? If you’re experiencing charging-related issues, it may not always be due to a faulty battery. Sometimes, a new charging port or a thorough cleaning of the existing one is required. Our technicians will carefully examine your phone’s charge port to ensure uninterrupted charging. In case a replacement is necessary, we can handle that too. Please note that charge port parts are generally not stocked and may require additional time for procurement.
  5. iPhone Won’t Turn On? Before considering a new iPhone purchase due to an unresponsive device, allow us the opportunity to assess the situation. Often, seemingly black screens can be attributed to software-related problems. Many times, we’ve successfully revived seemingly non-functional phones by reloading the software.
  6. Samsung Phone Screen Repair Cracked screens are not exclusive to iPhones; Samsung phones are susceptible to them as well. We offer professional screen replacement services for Samsung devices. What sets us apart is our commitment to comprehensive repairs. While replacing the screen, we meticulously inspect all connections to ensure they are secure and functioning optimally. We won’t suggest a second repair unless absolutely necessary. Please note that damage caused to the screen during the initial incident will not be covered under warranty. We pride ourselves on providing honest assessments and transparent answers to your queries.
  7. iPhone Camera Not Working? Accidents happen, and even impressive cameras on Apple devices can encounter issues. We are adept at troubleshooting camera problems, which can sometimes be resolved through software adjustments. Let us help you restore the functionality of your iPhone camera.
  8. iPhone Speaker Not Working? A surprising number of customers visit our shop with speaker malfunctions. You’ll be delighted to know that many times we can repair this issue at no cost. Often, the speaker grill becomes clogged with dust and grime, impeding sound quality. Our technicians can clean the port, allowing you to enjoy clear phone calls again. If the speaker is beyond repair, we offer speaker replacement services. Mobile Phone Repairs Lithgow
  9. Phone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi? If your phone is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks, drop by our shop, and we’ll conduct thorough testing on our network. In most cases, this problem stems from software issues that can be easily resolved.
  10. Download Images to a USB We understand that not everyone has access to a computer. If you need to back up your images, we offer a convenient solution. For a flat rate of $30 if you have your own drive or USB stick .. We also have a 16 Gig USB stick you can purchase for $15

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