Do I know when the next iPhone coming?

Because I used to work at Apple in California I will be often asked if I know when the next iPhone or Apple Computer coming. Honestly, even when I worked there I had no idea.

Apple loves a secret. Honestly, it’s kind of fun to try to figure out what they are going to produce next. There are many websites, Blogs and Podcasts dedicated to talking about the roomers on new Apple products. (I think I’m subscribed to them all) I’m still in the dark about the next iPhone.

I never knew what was coming out, even when I worked there.

When I worked at Applecare I was the “product champ” for Keynote for almost a year. This meant that I needed to know everything about it. How it worked and what issues It might have. I would actually go to meetings that talked only about that application filled with people who could call Steve Jobs on his personal phone number. Guess what … I never was told anything.

I remember there was a surprise update to the Keynote Application that was a major change. It basically went like this.

  • Manager: Good Morning Kevin how was your weekend?
  • Me: Great!! (Still sipping my coffee)
  • Manager: Oh the new version of Keynote was released today. I have the CD on your desk better install it because customers are already calling about it.
  • Me: WHAT? NEW VERSION? I was in a meeting with Bob yesterday! Why was I not told??

Truth be told it was Keynote so nothing ever really breaks with it. However, it was my job to know this sort of thing and I was still kept in the dark.

Always in the dark about the next iPhone

I even knew some of the engineers who worked on the iPad. Even went to lunch with one on a regular basis and never knew there was even such a thing as an iPad till the day it was announced by Steve.

If you want to see when the next iPhone will be available in Australia go directly to the apple website.

So websites that claim to sell you early access to the new iPhone is a scam

Right about now expect to see a lot of Text messages, emails and ads claiming they have access to the next iPhone that is not even out yet. I can clearly tell you there are all scams. If I was not told about software that will never make the news (Did you even know what Keynote was?) and it was my job to know everything about it. There is no way that some website is going to have access to an iPhone that is not even announced yet.

They are Scams … ALL OF THEM! and if they do actually sell you a phone you can be sure that it will not even be an iPhone.

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