Amazon Phone Scam!

So today while I was repairing a few iPhones when my personal phone rang. From there was an automated voice telling me that My Amazon Prime subscription was going to be renewed!

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I study scams so I’m fully aware of this scam. But I pressed “1” anyway to see if they have changed their technique. I figured that I could continue working on replacing the iPhone 7 screen while talking to the scammers.

Amazon does not call its customers. No phone agent will ask to have remote access to your computer.

Let me explain how the scam works

  1. You receive an automated message that states that your “Amazon Prime Subscription will be renewed for $39.99” The goal is to get you angry or worried so you are not thinking clearly. If you press “1” you will be transferred to a phone agent.
  2. The Phone agent mentioned that you have been charged the fee but if you need to have the charges reversed they will need to get some more information from you. (Part Phishing scam).
  3. They will ask you to allow them to log into your screen using software like Teamviewer, Logmein or Anydesk.

Here is where the Con can go a few different ways.

I have heard a few different versions of the con. In either case, if you allowed them on your computer you are in trouble.

  • Agent send a bank transfer from your account with a stolen username and password
  • Agent encrypts your entire computer holding your data for Ransom (any may look for data worth blackmailing you)
  • Or they use an old fashioned con (see below)

The old con with new tech

  1. The Agent will then mention that there is an error and they need to see if your bank account has the charge. They will ask you to log in to your bank to be sure.
  2. This entire time the agent is talking about their family and trying to relate to you in some way.
  3. They will then turn off the screen to “verify the issue” when what they are really doing is editing the HTML on your screen to show a charge on your banks account display (Basically falsifying the error)
  4. From there they will show you the screen and then mention they need to use a special specialised system that cannot be altered. They will stress this a few times.
  5. The agent will ask you to type the number of a refund and when you do they will use a simple code to add a few extra zeros to the total. 39.00 becomes 3900.00
  6. This is where the agent started to act like they are in a panic telling you a story about how they are going to get fired and their family will be homeless.
  7. The Agent will then ask you to pay them back in cash or an iTunes gift card via mail package.

Don’t fall for the Scam and Hang up!

In the last 24 hours, I have received three scam calls. I’m expecting that you will be too. Please educate your friends and family about this scam.





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