About us

Kevin C Mason

  • MacOS* Software Specialist trained by Apple in California
  • Former Award Winning Apple Support Agent (iApps T2, Education Support, Hardware T2)
  • 15 years of experience in OSX, iOS, iPhone & Apple hardware repair
  • Linux, Bash & Python programming
  • Certified trainer with a strong focus on Adult (especially Seniors) education

Outside work, Kevin is an artist and a “Geek”. He spends a lot of time working on various projects including: Acrylics, digital painting and a Science Fiction Comic and Podcast called Star-Fall. He is also passionate about fighting scams, cons and disiformation and is soon to be undertaking a research degree in that area.

Trivia: Kevin had one of his paintings hung in the lobby of the Elk Grove California Apple Campus.

Marcia “Marc” Ruf

Marc has a background in Tech Law and international Intellectual Property with a US Juris Doctorate (IP concentration) and an AU Masters of Research (comparative online Copyright law and policy). She loves puzzles, so is a whiz at all things administrative and organisational.

Her undergrad degree included a Biz administration minor. She has obtained her Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in cost cutting and process alignment. She is especially good at contract analysis and regulatory compliance and can assist small businesses in ensuring that their software suits and administrative processes serve them as appropriate tools rather than task masters.

Trivia: Marc is a skilled English longbow Archer


  • Generates random passwords
  • Never allows name to be used in passwords
  • Director of naps
  • Model for photo editing classes as well as other How-to posts.

As much as we would like to have KittyNinja in the workshop she is not ESD (Electro Static Discharge) compliant and could actually harm a computer due to static shock. She is not happy about this.

Trivia: Kittyninja is so security conscious that “Kittyninja” is not even her real name.

We work and live in Lithgow

We moved to Lithgow just after the last fire was put out, in the middle of the first floods and 6 weeks before COVID-19. Once the plague came to town, the tech shop he worked for shut down and Kevin was made redundant. During his panic to find another job he noted that there was not a shop within a two-hour drive that has his level of skill with Apple systems. After some careful planning, Marc and Kevin decided to open MacMason providing training & repair services.

Digital Painting of the Lithgow Blast Furnace by Kevin C Mason, Macmason Mac service and Training
Lithgow Blast Furnace just walking distance from our home

Check out our service Area that covers the Blue Mountains, Katoomba and Bathurst.

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