Scams, Fake Post text messages

I try to warn people of scams all the time. Most of my social media posts are about scams and how to avoid them. Almost always there is one person who arrogantly mentions how they spotted a scam because “I don’t have a package coming”, or “I don’t use Netflix”. as if they outsmarted the scammers or the scammers were idiotic. Yes … they did spot the scam, Fantastic! But what happens when they are expecting a post? Fake Post text messages could cost you everything. Better to pay attention than assume you are smarter than the scammers.

Missing the point

As someone who spends a lot of time studying scammers, I know how clever they are. While they often do not know anything about hacking computers, they are experts at getting their scam in front of your face. And they will change things around until they find some service you ARE using. When you ARE waiting for the Post, You just happen to be using Ebay, or Amazon or waiting for something in the mail.

Don’t assume the account you don’t use is your best defense.

Running a computer repair business we order a lot of parts. We will often get two to three packages a day. So I just can’t get away with just assuming every text message I get from the Post is fake. So I need to really look at the text messages,,, just in case.

Here are some tips to keep safe from scammers this holiday season.

Be aware because you are expecting a package! This season there is always someone going to be sending something to someone, just because you spotted the fake text message before…

Get the tracking number for your online orders.

When doing online orders get the tracking number of all your packages. We use an app called Parcel This app keeps a list of your tracking number and will alert you of the package location.

If you do get a text message that looks like it might be real all you have to do is take a look at the tracking numbers and see where your real package is located, totally skipping the scam!

Get the POST app

Get the AU Post App on your phone. I have noted that a few times it will add a package to my list before I know there is a tracking number. This app will automatically open if you click on a real Post link. This means you should not trust the link if the app does not open. Better yet don’t trust links.

Never click a link

Scammers use all kinds of links, if you take a look the link has some strange letters after the post. When I clicked this link with a phone I use for this kind of study it was a website that asked for my username and password. Most people who hate passwords will use the same username and password for everything. Next thing you know they have access to your bank. (YES IT HAPPENS)

This one is real

The real text message has the full address of and all the important information comes behind the text!

When you click on this link it opens the app on your phone already signed in and will give the correct information.

What happens if the text is real and I don’t click

Fear of losing out is the weapon that the scammers use the most with this kind of scam. Let’s say that you do get a real text from the post and you are not sure what to do. Visit the Post in person. I know this is a pain but it is the safest way to avoid this kind of scam.

Final tips for those just skimming the page

  • Never trust links in text messages
  • Don’t assume that you are smarter than the scammers (makes you complacent )
  • Scammers will alter their messages often so don’t assume.
  • Get tracking numbers
  • User the Post app
  • Visit the Post in person if you have a question

Check out our free class on how to avoid scams for seniors

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