Why is it important to have different passwords?

Passwords and why is it bad to use them over and over?

We all hate passwords. The good ones are hard to remember and the others do not really protect you. This video is part of our new series that will help explain some of the problems with using the same password for everything.

Your password is only as good at the weakest website

Yes, there is a good chance that your bank has all kinds of security and works very hard at protecting your account and passwords. But what about the other websites? The ones where they just need you to sign in with a password so you can book a table. A cafe most likely will not have a security professional on the books.

What if I told you that I could figure out your password because of a website that was hacked over a decade ago? If you keep using the same passwords for everything there is a good chance that one of the many websites that you have visited in the past has already been hacked. And guess what? Your password is now public knowlage.

With a little bit of research, I can figure out what your password is assuming that you use the same one for everything. Whereas if you have a different password for everything I will make it very hard for me to figure out what your password is.

Like in the video. it is important to have different passwords for every website or you are making it easy to be hacked.
important to have different passwords

What are you more afraid of Getting hacked or forgetting your password?

Yes, I totally understand that forgetting a password is frustrating. However, it is also dangerous to use the same password for everything. We suggest using a password manager like Bitwarden.

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