Bad Kitty Good Passwords Video

I was visiting a student in Katoomba for basic OSX training. I noted that they had a really bad password. A VERY bad password. When I mentioned they should change the Password they suggested they put a one at the end of their password. This inspired me for this episode “Bad Kitty Good Passwords” Video.

Kittyninja Vs Brian

Brian is every bad tech that I have ever worked with. You know the guy who seems to have all the equipment and none of the understanding. I have seen this a lot where you will have a PC tech who has got their Apple repair certification but still does not understand OSX. There are even times where I could only shake my head in disappointment.

I have a feeling that that Good Passwords Video will not be the last time that Kittyninja and Brian got to battle … but my money is on Kittyninja.

You really need to have a good password

The idea of changing some of the letters around in a password seems like a good idea until you understand that this is not an new idea. One look at the Rockyou password list and you will see why Hackers have been able to get past that trick for almost a decade.

A good password needs to have random numbers, Letters, uppercase and a few special characters. The only problem is trying to remember your passwords. The better a password is the harder it is to remember when you are trying to oder pizza online in Lithgow.

The best way to have a good password these days is to use a good Password Keeper. We happen to really like Bitwarden. I have been using Bitwarden for almost a year now and I have to say that I have not forgotten a password yet. Even the really long ones.

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