The interesting case: Times that it’s not covered under the warranty

If you have ever brought in one of your phones for repair you will know that I take great pride in my 90-day warranty. While a lot of techs hope you forget about the warranty I make sure you know about it so think way there is a chance that you will bring it in if something goes wrong. But what happens if what is going on with the phone is not covered?

As a phone repair guy I have seen it all. The number of times that someone has brought back an iPhone with a crack on the display claiming that it only fell a meter onto a pillow and cracked is amazing (I then removed the gravel from the display and asked if their pillow was made of stone. Clearly not covered under the warranty ) So it’s a good idea to not lie to the computer tech.

Recently repaired but Not covered

Today someone brought in a phone that I had repaired only last month. And the screen was going crazy. The first thing that I do when I see something like this is assume that it was something that I did wrong. However, the impact point of the glass screen was obvious.

The customer was honest with me that they had cracked the display days after the first repair however this was the first time the screen started to act up. If the customer tried to tell me the screen was defective that would have not had the same result.

If the screen was defective and there were no impact marks or broken glass that would have been a totally different story. At that point I would have replaced the screen with no issues at all. After all the whole point of a warranty is to stand by your work including the parts.

Being that I am a sucker for honest people. I decided that I would help out while still not covering the cost of the display. I can’t do this all the time and I have to consider other factors like parts in stock, How busy I am as well as what the nature of the repair was going to be. (I am a nice guy but I also have to keep the lights on by making a profit…. so don’t think you will get the exact same deal)

I offered for the customer to do the repair at a discount. and because they just got the repair done I also offered a free glass screen protector.




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