Is your Macbook overheating?

My Macbook is overheating what can I do about it? This is a common question I get with customers about their Macbooks. This post will help you decide if your Macbook needs to be fixed or you just need to change some settings.

What do you mean overheating?

I hear the word overheating. but is it? This is where I need some exact information about what is going on with the Macbook before we check it in for repair. Most people think that their Macbook is overheating any time it gets warm. This could be normal or there could be a problem.

Let’s get the safety stuff out of the way.. A Macbook should never burn you! That is obviously overheating! But most of the time a Macbook will shut down before it gets that hot. In fact, Macs will automatically shut down when the core temp reaches 90° C. (The outside case will be somewhere around 45°)

Unless your Macbook is shutting down there is a good chance it is not actually overheating. Though it is worth taking a look at why it is overheating

Some normal reasons why Macbooks get “Warm”

The following reasons why your Macbook may get warm while still operating normally. In these cases, you will not need to take it in for repair. (Though a tune-up may be in order)

Running intensive programs

Some Apps use up more power than others. The more intensive the program the harder the processor has to work. The more data that travels through the processor the hotter it will get. Here is a list of some programs that I have noted will warm up my Macbook

  • Video editing
  • Watching Video (Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, Amazon Prime Etc)
  • Playing Video games. (Does not need to be a high-end game)
  • TONS of Tabs open in your web browser
  • Downloading huge files
  • Video Conferencing. (Zoom, Facebook video calls, Apple Facetime)

Macbooks need air

A common problem is sometimes people will not give a Macbook room to breathe. The air allows the fans to do their job and keep the notebook cool. This most of the time is not a problem unless you have the MacBook on your bed covers that will block the vents.

  • Always have your Macbook on a flat surface allowing the vents to breath
  • Avoid Placing your Macbook in a bag while the Fans are running
  • Keyboard covers block airflow

It’s a notebook not a laptop!

Technically Macbooks are not meant to run on your lap. They are going to get hot and there is not a lot you can do about that. If your Macbook is getting uncomfortably warm while it is sitting on your lap I have bad news for you … There is nothing you can do about it.

When your Macbook May need servicing for overheating

With all the above items in mind, there are times when your Macbook may need servicing. Sometimes it is software sometimes it will require a Mac tech to pick up a screwdriver and open it up. If you encounter any of the symptoms below have your Macbook in for Repair ASAP.

Fans running when you are not doing anything

Fans running all the time is a sign that your mac is having issues with its heat. If you are not running any heavy programs and the fans startup then something is wrong. This could be anything from blocked fans to malware running in the background.

  • Malware infection (Commonly running some kind of Bitcoin miner)
  • Dust clogging the vents
  • Broken Fan
  • Software issues

Shutting down after getting warm

If your fans are not working or if the heatsink is not doing its job your Mac may actually overheat and shut down. Most of the time you can tell this is the case because the video will get choppy before shutting off.

Never hearing the fans

On a hot day, you should hear the fans. Though sometimes this can be hard to tell as the Apple Fans are really quiet. If you hold your ear to the keyboard you should hear some kind of motor. If not then there may be a problem with your fan. The biggest problem with this is that if the fan dies the rest of the logic board is in danger of melting down. Get that fixed ASAP.

Get your Macbook Overheating problems fixed by us.

Not only can we fix the hardware we are software experts with a speciality in OSX Malware. We will take a look at your system figure out the nature of the problem,fix the issue and show you how to avoid the problem in the future.

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