When MacOS does something odd it is not a hacker

As a Apple Software expert and an experienced tech support agent I encounter a client who often thinks they have been hacked because MacOS does something odd ,We are not talking about something where they are not able to be log into an account because the software has changed but because the Software is really doing something very very odd. I am happy to tell you it is not a hacker. When Mac OS does something odd it is a software glitch and most likely easy to fix.

When MacOS does something odd it is not a hacker
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HAckers are too sneaky to make glitches

So before we get to the real problem lets talk about hackers. Hackers are people that are always spending a lot of time learning the latest ways to hack computers and they have to work very hard because companies like Apple spend more money on security than everyone you have ever met combined makes in a year. This means that a hacker has a very short period of time to apply and of the “Hacks” they learn.

In most cases the hackers are not going to be waiting their time on small fish like the people who come into my shop. Not saying that the people who are in Lithgow are not important but they will most likely not have Millions of dollars on their Mac or a target that hackers will actively target.

Changing the colour of Candy Crush is not something a Hacker will do

Yes I have had someone who thought that the fact that Candy Crush changed the colour of the candy meant that they have been hacked. We need to understand that if the hackers are going to be spending time in your computer the last thing they are going to do is change the colour of one of your games. They would be too busy draining all of your bank accounts.

Things Hackers will not do

  • Hack you so you can not watch YouTube
  • Hack you to remove your internet access
  • Change anything with a video game
  • Make Mac OS does something odd so it is easier to catch them

Yes these are real examples of times someone tried to tell me they have been hacked.

What is the real fix

The real fix for MacOS does something odd is to run software updates. Mac OS is very stable and most likely if there is a glitch a software update will be created to fix the problem. All you would have to do is download the software update and reboot the computer.

There are times when there is an issue with MacOs that will require and expert to fix. This is when you will hire someone like me to take a look at the issue and come up with a solution.

It is important that if you have a software problem to make sure that you have a current backup like TimeMachine.

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