OSX Software updates FAQ

I get a lot of questions about software updates. I have also discovered that people also are very resistant to running software updates when it is sometimes the fix to a future problem. So I have created this OSX Software Updates FAQ to answer some of those questions in hopes to remove some of the worries people have about running this important process.

Will OSX software updates break my computer ?

No! Apple does a lot of testing of the software updates before pushing it out to their customers. Rest assured your computer is safe

When I worked at Apple (Eight years) I only encountered one time where a software update actually stopped a program from opening. Apple got the fix to this problem out in less than a week in ironically a software update.

Everything that Apple does makes news. If a software update would break your computer you would see it all over the news and Apple stock price will drop. (Apple REALLY does not like that)

Will I have to learn a new operating system?

No! Most people can’t tell the difference between Total versions of OSX 10.10. and OS11. Software updates are even more subtle. You will not have to learn anything new by running software updates.

My Friend said they ran software updates and it broke their computer will I have the same problem ?

Check again to find out what kind of computer your friend has because I bet it is a windows computer.

Can I get a virus from software update?

No! In fact, if there is an Apple Virus this is how Apple will fix the problem.

However, you should be sceptical of websites offering a software update for your computer. See Article on Flash Plugin

Can I loose my data?

Though I have never seen this happen in the 15 years I have been working on Apple Computers as a software specialist. I would be a bad Apple computer tech if I told you no. You should always have a backup of your data. I recommend running Time Machine on a regular basis.

Can you run software updates for me as a part of your Apple Service & Repair

Yes, I can. However, software updates are not hard to do. I would feel bad taking your money for this. If you would like me to Tune-up your Mac I can do that (Running software updates is part of the Mac Tune-up Package)

How important are software updates for OSX?

Very! A software update happens when Apple finds a flaw that they feel is important enough to pay a small army of computer programmers who get paid more than you to fix a problem

Software updates will often fix a problem that someone else has encountered. It is like saying “Don’t Step there … is slippery”

Does software updates cost money?

No. Software updates are free for Apple Computers.

I ran software updates and I don’s see a change, is there something wrong?

No … that is how it should be.

The changes to your computer after a software update are all behind the scenes. Occasionally they may add a new feature but that Is rare.

Software updates did brake my computer what do I do?

Wow this is very rare. Call Applecare because this might be covered under their warranty Even if the computer is a few years old. Call Apple and ask if this is the case.

Mac Problems? We can help

If your Apple computer needs service in the Lithgow, Katoomba or Bathurst area we can help. I’m an OSX software specialist with years of experience and specialized knowledge of Mac Malware. Check out our Apple services Lithgow page for more information

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