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Need Apple Computer Repairs in Lithgow?

With 15 years of experience servicing Apple Computers. I am an Apple Award-winning support tech who actually worked for Apple for eight years! Five working at Applecare as a Software Specialist and three as an Apple Genius at the Bondi Apple store. We have been slowly moving westward until we found our new home in Lithgow. We bought our house just after the Fires and right before COVID Lockdowns. During the Lockdown, I was made redundant at my previous job so we decided to start Apple Computer Repairs services in Lithgow. Now that the restrictions are almost gone it is time to meet our neighbours in Lithgow! If you see us on the street please say hi!!!

Apple Computer Repairs Lithgow

Mac Software Specialist now living in Lithgow!

Working at the call centre for Applecare in California my OSX software training was intense. Four weeks of intense Apple Software & Hardware training. There is more to fixing a Mac computer than turning a screw. Apple Software is my passion, not something just to pay the bills. I even study Apple Malware and Security.

What Mac Repair services do we provide in Lithgow?

Though the list of services you will see here looks vast do not think that is all we can do. Everything from repairing your Apple computer to providing personalised training on how to use the device.

  • Speed up your old Macbook
  • OSX Malware analysis and removal
  • Sharing printers with more than one computer in your home or office
  • Configure Time Machine Backup (And Educate you on proper Backup Techniques)
  • Data Recovery (Photos, Documents or just lost files)
  • Help you set up and teach you how to use your New Apple Computer
  • OSX Security for your home and office
  • Apple Computer Repairs Lithgow, Macbooks, Macbook Pros, iMacs, Mac Pros and even the Mac Mini
  • Fix or replace broken hardware.
  • Senior Classes, How to avoid scams, how to use your iPad or iPhone

Slow Mac?

There are many reasons for a Mac to get slow. Lucky for you I know all of them. There is a good chance that we can have a Apple computer last for almost 10 years with just a little bit of maintenance.

  • Reinstall OSX
  • SSD Upgrade
  • RAM upgrade
Mac Malware removal

OSX Malware Removal

Mac’s are no longer immune to malware and viruses. You would have never guessed that a Mac Malware expert would have moved to Lithgow? I do not need software to remove malware from your MacBook but I wrote some anyway. I’m even working on some new ways of detecting new never before seen malware. How a mac computer can be infected with malicious software is not a topic you want to start with me at the pub because I will put everyone to sleep. It is something that I’m very passionate about can for people who are not computer geeks it can be VERY boring. But this is why I study Mac Viruses so you do not have to.

  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Ransomware
  • Silver Sparrow Malware
  • Trovi

Setting up a shared printer

Setting up a shared printer is so easy that I hope that you have something else for me to do to justify the call out fee. (I will tune up your Mac or something). Sharing printers with OSX is a snap and not only will I set up your computer I will show you how to do it so next time you don’t have to call me.

Configure Time Machine Backup!

After moving to Lithgow I have been very aware of what kind of damage a bushfire can cause. it is very important to have a good back up at all times. Not only will I configure the Time Machine backup I will show you the proper way to do so. We also have a monthly service where we keep an encrypted copy of your Time Machine Backup in a fire proof safe. So even if your house was to burn down you always have a backup that is less than 30 days old.

Data Recovery

Part of my job at Apple was finding and recovering lost photos and documents from an old computer. This is something that I’m very good at. If you are missing your photos maybe I can help. If I’m not able to retrieve the photos from your hard drive directly there are some thrid party data recovery services that I can recommend.

Setting up your new Apple Computer

One of the services I used to enjoy doing at the Apple Store in Bondi was helping people set up their new device. I can help you set up your new device in your home. Get it connected to your WIFI and show you how to use it. I will even show you a few tips and tricks that will make your life easier. Show you where to find the answers when you get stuck.

  • How to use the App store
  • Where to find he best software
  • How to Run Software updates
  • How to connect your Time Machine Backups.

OSX Security

Yes, Macs are very secure .. However, the weakest point of the Mac Security is you. Yes, I can set up your firewall, Use specialised software to lock down your iMac and even run my specialised software to scan for malware. Better than all of that I can show you how to use your Mac in a way to avoid security problems altogether.

Apple Computer Repairs Lithgow

Repairing Mac computers is the easy part. We can do everything from replacing a cracked display on your MacBook to replacing the failing hard drive on your Mac Mini. repairing Mac computers is what I do to relax. See my blog on restoring vintage Mac computers as collector items. (For me it is like working on an old car)

Seniors Need to make it ok to make mistakes to learn computers

Senior Classes

Unlike a lot of computer techs, I have not forgotten how to talk to normal people. I have been specially trained by Apple to train people how to use their Apple computer without using a single word of computer geek. (Computer Geek is its own Language). We specialise in calibrating the lessons to each student to find the right level. Not overly advanced so you don’t understand what is going on and not too basic so you worry about getting bored and falling asleep.

Thank you Lithgow for the Warm Welcome!

We have only lived in Lithgow for a year and have received a very warm welcome from our new friends and neighbours. So happy to have moved here! There is something to save about the small-town feel and we love it! We are also very excited to start doing Apple Computer Repairs in Lithgow. We are happy to talk to any of you even if you do not have a mac computer.

If you have a Windows computer and need help we recommend Lithgow Technology Services

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