Is there anyone in Lithgow who can help with Apple ID?

So before we start let’s just say that I can not get your Apple ID back. While this is frustrating (Trust me I used to work at apple and would get this same call 30 times a day) I can tell you there is a good thing that nobody can hack your Apple ID.

Apple makes it hard for a good reason

I am sympathetic to your frustration really. I am. but you also need to understand I know what can go wrong if your Apple ID is not secure. While you are frustrated that you can not remember your Apple ID password and Apple will only talk to you if it was easy to recover you would be pennyless! I mean it broke, no money, losing your home because someone stole all your money.

You do everything on your phone right? I mean everything. Your banking, medical appointments, email and even dating apps. This is a lot of information that is all tied to your Apple ID. Between your Apple ID and some passwords, a hacker can get access to almost everything you own including your bank account.

Why can’t you talk to Apple?

I can’t talk to Apple for you because I am not you. I do not know your history, phone numbers or past passwords. Apple will not talk to me and honestly, the problem has nothing to do with technology. Imagine if I could just call Apple and say I’m you and have them reset the password? Sounds easy right until I have access to all your accounts (Remember the part of being broke? Yeah that)

How do I reset my Apple ID?

First, you need to go and select I forgot my Apple ID password and follow the instructions. Literally, anyone with reading comprehension over the age of 10 can do this even if you have never used a computer before. Apple has worked very hard to make this as non-technical as possible. This requires no computer knowledge! Just follow the instructions. In fact, if you hired me to do this all I would do is read you what was on the screen and charge you $100 an hour to do so, when you could read it yourself (Total waste of money if you ask me)

but how can you help?

I can do a few things. Most of them however will not get your Apple Password reset. I can take a look at your old passwords that have been posted on the dark web. (Yes I can do that) However, this is not a guarantee that your password will be on the list. (Also it is expensive… not recommended unless it is an emergency)

I can help you make sure you never forget your password again

While I can not magically get your access to your Apple ID and I can not talk to Apple for you I can teach you was to stop the war with passwords. I have a few tricks in teaching seniors how to use computers for over 15 years works every time.

  • How to store passwords so they are easy to find
  • How to make memorable passwords
  • How to never have to remember a password again
  • How to share your passwords with trusted family members just in case.

Book in for one of my training classes. While I can not solve the problem of a locked Apple ID. I can show you how to never have this problem again.

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