Is your Apple device still safe?

Is your Apple device still safe? The news is flooded with some scary reports of Apple devices being vulnerable to being taken over by hackers. But the Mac Cybersecurity community is wondering why this is news because Apple already released an update to fix the problem.

Let’s talk about this “Hack”

So what is this hack all about? There is what is called a bug bounty. This is what happens when a cybersecurity researcher finds a hole in the security of a major corporation and then reports it to that corporation for money. It’s how the good guys in the hacking world make money.

From there the company will research a fix to the security hole and create a fix via a software update! This is one of the reasons I am ways telling folks to update their devices. But are you safe to use Apple products?

Yes!! you are safe!

Is your Apple device still safe?

Unless you have a job where the prime minister knows your name there is a good chance that none of these hacks will ever be used on you. In fact, I know about only three people that are skilled enough to use this kind of hack. (They are too busy working to fix hacks like this to use them … and they are working for the good guys) Your ex is not going to have the skill set to use this kind of hack.(Their full-time job and degree would have to be in Cybersecurity to even understand how to turn on the software needed) The scammers who call on the phone are not skilled enough to use this hack. If you think they do .. then run software updates and relax.

But why is this a big deal in the news?

I listen to a lot of Mac-related cybersecurity podcasts. (yes I am thank kind of geek). Many reporters are confused about why the mainstream media is making a big deal about this. Apple has already produced an update and all you need to do is run software updates on your Computer, iPhone or iPad and you are protected.

The only thing that seems to make sense is that the iPhone 14 is coming out next month so any news report that you can slap on the word “Apple” will go viral.

Still, worried?

If you are still worried about being hacked then you really need to start by having a good password that is different on every account that you use. Is your Apple device still safe? My answer is yes.

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