I Love my iPhone Xs

As you know I just got done watching the WWDC where they announced the iOS 16. I am looking forward to installing it on my iPhone Xs. But I am going to wait until the iOS 16 Beta is over and they make it public.

Many people love to get the latest version of the iPhone. While I do understand how that is fun and there is nothing like someone asking “WOW is that an iPhone 13 Pro Max?”. I have found that I am very happy with any iPhone that can run the current version of iOS.

Most of the time I upgrade my phone every two to four years. While I always like to play with the latest Apple gadgets I find that I do not need to have the latest and greatest.

My iPhone Xs does everything I need.

I use my iPhone Xs mostly for my business however have noticed that more and more I am starting to use it in my personal life. My personal phone is a Samsung A30 and it does a good job, but the iPhone Xs is just a superior phone. So more and more I’m finding that I’m using my work phone for personal stuff. While I know that is a bad idea when it comes to work-life balance. Being an Apple geek it just makes sense.

I think that my next personal phone will be an iPhone so I can improve that work-life balance. I have no problems with Android I am just so embedded in the Apple ecosystem that IOS is the way for me.

No case? Not at the moment but that might change

Yeah, I am one of those people who do not have screen protectors or a case on my iPhone. I’m not too worried about trying to protect my iPhone because I repair them for a living. Even if I did not it is not like there are not two other iPhone repair shops here in Lithgow.

I have been considering carrying iPhone cases and screen protectors. If I am going to do that I should consider getting a case for my personal phone. I want to do that because if I am going to make a recommendation to someone about a product I would like to have first-hand experience with the product.

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