Stupid Scammer Tricks!

So just last night I posted on Instagram about a sugar daddy scam. Ok great, I do this often. But then this stupid scammer makes a comment on the same Instagram Post that is talking about how I hunt scammers.

I warn him…

So as you can see I mock him and even give him a fighting chance … My profile on Instagram talks about scams all the time. There are not even pictures of hot women on my post.. Just pictures of computers and tips to avoid scams.

So I message Him …Why Not

knowing that there was little chance that he would reply to the message after messaging him. I tried anyway .. because nobody is that stupid ……. I need to not set the bar so high.

He replied back … So … I drop into the persona of what his concept of an Instagram bimbo would act like. A scammer like this obviously does not have a high opinion of women otherwise he would not use this kind of scam. So he is expecting a greedy woman with not a lot going on upstairs.

While I did act like his vision of an Instagram bimbo I did not change my profile … It still says “Internet security and I hunt scammers’ All he needs to do is look.

I try to sound flirty and it worked.

So at this point, I pretend that I’m not from California and honestly not a fan of LA. And drop the hint that my persona is about money and fame.

I should not have used the phrase “Sounds like you are supportive” as it is too close to my natural speech patterns, however … in this case where I am dealing with someone who did not notice an entire Instagram feed of how to avoid scam posts …. maybe not

How the scam works

He will try to find out any kind of banking information he can .. He will also try to get the conversation off Instagram to avoid the AI from blocking his account.

Once he has my bank account information he will bleed me dry. Or try to use the information in some kind of identity theft.

During this time I am very careful to only use my hacking computer after running a backup.(Just in case)

He tries to use this image as a convincer … making the mark think that this is real.

Ask yourself … how long would it take you to create a document like that? Not very long. This kind of document means nothing unless it can be backed up by the bank Many scammers try to use a technique like this to convince you what they are doing is real.

He suggests that I join him on Google hangouts

… Which is better than what I expected because it now allows me to get his email address and a username (Among the three I already have). I give him the email address of one of my “Burned” IDs who is ironically named Karen.

I send him a link .. claiming it is a nude

It was not a nude .. it was a page that shows a quote of the day. However, when you click on it I can get all kinds of information…

but look what he says.

SEE MORE? What More quotes from Oscar Wilde? Sure thing dude.

We chat a little bit and he keeps asking for my account information. During this time I am able to find out some interesting information.

  • He is using an iPhone using IOS 12 (Thinking an older iphone …maybe 5 or 6)
  • I have his basic location … I can get more (The pin is in the middle of the city telling me that it is not all that accurate)
  • I have his IP address …. Oh yes what could a hacker boy do with that ? Hummm?
  • I have his survice provider
  • I have his email address
  • I have three usernames
  • I also have a instagram account filled with profiles that look like they would be from the same area …. multiable IDs Maybe?

And now for his bad day

Stupid scammer tricks


Just after I send an email to the special fraud unit in his town.. I get a notification from Instagram saying there is another comment.

Yep someone else on the same post tried .. to scam me … and guess what … I get him too !

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