New Phone Scam! Remote access to your phone!

I have heard about this scam for a while but yesterday was the first time that I have seen it in person. This trick allows the scammer to access your phone and bank account remotely. However for the scam to work you have to give them access. NEVER DO THAT.

How the scam works

The Call

The scammer calls you claiming to be part of Telstra, Bank or ATO. They give you the impression that they need to help you “Avoid a scam”. (The irony of that statement is astounding) The idea is to get you afraid that something is going wrong and you need their help. This is all part of the job of the scammer to get your emotions elevated so you are not thinking clearly.

They ask you to download Apps onto your phone.

Even iPhones are not immune from scams. The apps they are using to scam you are legal apps that have very legitimate uses.

  • Anydesk
  • ZipPay

From there they ask you to access your bank account. With remote access to your phone, they conduct transfers from your bank to ZipPay!

How do you stop them?

The best way to stop this kind of scam is to never give anyone remote access to any of your devices for any reason! Say no to remote access! Then hang up.

However, If you do discover that someone has remote control of your phone shut it down ASAP! Do not turn it back on until you have a chance to see a computer tech. (As always having a backup of your phone or computer is always a good idea)

  • Visit the police station
  • Call your bank and let them know you have been scammed
  • Change all your passwords.

Need help after you have been scamed?

If you need help making sure that your devices are not compromised feel free to make an appointment. We can not only remove the remote access software from your computer or mobile device. We can teach you how to never fall for this kind of scam ever again.

We specialise in teaching seniors and adults using terms they already understand.

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