I forgot my Airtag existed

Part two of my review of the Apple AirTag. I forgot that I had it. The good thing is that it is not something that I will be always bugging you for attention. The bad thing is that when you need it you need to remember that is an option to recover your lost items.

To be clear .. they are still on my keys. But they are not sending me notifications of their existence all the time. So unlike a lot of other apps and devices AirTags hang around waiting to do their job and will not be a pain in the ass. Though I did sit on my keys and that was not comfortable.

Testing when my wife borrowed my keys

Something to consider is that the Airtags are not going to be very good to track someone without their permission. The updates to the Find my Phone app is every 30 min unless you set it to lost mode. And that makes noise. (This could also be because she does not have an iPhone)

That said my wife does not have an iPhone this time around. (She will be getting an iPhone for her next phone). The updates seemed to be less often as she moved around.

As for you stalker folk.. You should know that if the Air Tag is not around your iPhone for some time it will start beeping. Then that lost AirTag can be tracked to your account. (So bad for stalkers …. good for privacy for everyone else)

Should you get an Apple Air Tag for everything?

I do not think that getting an Apple Air Tag for everything is going to fix all your problems. However, there are a few things that you may want to attach to an Air Tag.

  • Wallet or Handbag
  • Computer bags or Backpacks
  • People or pets who tend to wander off .
  • Work or personal vehachles.

My Review of Apple Air Tags

We are thinking about getting a few more for our personal devices that we tend to leave behind. I think the price point is great for a GPS tracker. The only complaint I have is that the cases and keychains for the Apple Air Tags are overly expensive.




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