Apple AirTag for ADHD

Yes, I am an “Apple Guy” but I’m not a fanboy. I like to think that I have a realistic view of Apple products as a whole. More than once I have shouted at the screen during the WWDC “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING !!!!!!” I’m also fully aware that there are some products that at first will seem silly but will become a major part of our lives. (I was one of those people who thought that putting a video camera on a mobile phone was a bad idea …… yeah we all make mistakes) so sometimes you just have to have test it to see.

That said I wanted to get my hands on an Apple AirTag to get some first-hand experience. I wanted to see if Apple AirTag would be good for my ADHD. With the price tag of $45 AUD, I figured what did I have to lose? (no pun intended)

ADHD and object permanence

Object permanence is the concept that in our brains, objects when you are not looking at them stays in existence. You know that pile of laundry that you left on the bed. I am told for most people have that pile of laundry in the back of their mind. Personally, I do not know… but that is what people tell me. If you have ADHD it takes more brainpower to remember those important items.

This makes forgetting objects very easy to do. For some of us with ADHD, we leave important objects in the strangest of places. Or if you are like me, become hyper-aware of where all the important objects are at all times (Wallet, Keys, Phone etc). This is one of the reasons for my Mac and Phone repair business I have a system that I can tell you the location of every device at any moment.

Will Apple AirTag help with my ADHD? We will find out.

Is Apple AirTags a solution?

I forget where I put my keys all the time. As you can imagine this more than once has made me late for an appointment because I can’t even start my car. (Another major stressor as I REALLY hate to be late). I have tried to place my keys in the same location every day … but I need to remember to do that (Thanks ADHD).

Setting up AirTags

Before we get started you need to know that you will need an iOS device to use the Apple AirTags. (Sorry Android users).

I was surprised by how easy it was to set up the AirTags. Basicly you open the box. Pull the tab for the battery and then hold it to your iPhone. A window pops up and you follow the instructions. In fact it was so easy to do that my only complaint was that the text for the instructions required me to put on my glasses.

Boom done! That is it.

Apple Airtag to help with my ADHD

What about the Keychain or case.

I’m not one for buying designer stuff for my devices. One of the reasons why I’m not very keen on phone cases. Unfortunately the Apple AirTags kind of require you to have some sort of case if you are going to be attaching it to keys etc.

The AirTag itself is about the thickness of two $2 coins stacked on top of each other. This will easily fit in my wallet coin pouch .. though I would notice it. (I should not be sitting on my wallet all the time anyway)

As for the keychain I happen to have a 3D printer and there are tons of designs already online. So instead of spending money on a designer keychain, I have printed one out.

3d printed Apple AirTag keychain as my ADHD makes it so i loose my keys all the time.

Hey Siri where are my Keys?

So one of the features that I have already tested out is the fact that Siri works with the AirTags. This means that when I’m in a rush to get ready and I can’t find my keys I can ask Siri without even having to touch the phone. This is so much better than the old keychains that would sound an alarm when you clap.

I did note that Siri did mention that I needed to unlock my phone first before she could find my keys then caused the keys to “Chirp” anyways.

So far so good … I will write another post later about if I actually find this useful.


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