How long do apple repairs take

how long do apple repairs take? is a common question I get every day. I wish there was an easy answer for this. Honestly, any Apple repair technician that says anything other than “It depends” is not very good at their job. There are a lot of factors that will determine how fast we can fix your MacBook Pro or iPhone.

Can you reproduce the problem?

Look before we get started on this one I want to say “I believe you” Now and then customers will have an intermittent problem with their Macbook. This is a problem that does not happen all the time. This can be difficult to repair because the problem will give the computer repair tech a lot of information about its nature.

The biggest problem with intermittent problems is that it is hard to tell if the issue has been fixed or not. Personally, I do not order any parts until I am sure of the nature of the problem.

Hardware or software?

This is where having good computer troubleshooting comes in handy. Many people blame the hardware for all their computer problems. Hardware is an easy fix with a larger price tag. (Almost any computer tech can turn the screws to swap out a part)

Software issues are a lot more complex and require a good understanding of Mac OSX, OS11 and soon OS12. (Lucky for you this is what I am best at) I’m going to save you from falling asleep because I can go on for hours about the proper way to diagnose Software issues. (for some reason only Mac Techs find it interesting … huh I wonder why)

Ordering Parts

There is a good 98% chance that I do not have the part in stock. There is a good reason for this. Having all the parts in stock would cost thousands of dollars with a good chance that most of it will just gather dust.

We can get most Apple parts in a few days. Some. of the more rare parts can take as much as a week to arrive. a good portion of how long do apple repairs take has to do with waiting for the part to arrive.

So to answer your question how long do apple repairs take

The answer it depends but we will do it as fast as we can and find as many ways that you can still use your computer while we are waiting for the part to arrive.

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