Most Common Mac software

Here is a list of the most commonly used Mac Software. I have been supporting Mac Software since 2005. Many bits of software was part of my job while I worked at apple. I am very good at receiving photos from the Apple Photos App.

Most Common Mac software
  1. MacOS: The operating system that powers Mac computers.
  2. Safari: Apple’s web browser, known for its speed and energy efficiency.
  3. iTunes (now split into separate apps):
    • Music: For managing and playing music.
    • TV: For watching movies, TV shows, and streaming content.
    • Podcasts: For discovering, subscribing to, and listening to podcasts.
    • Books: For reading and organizing ebooks.
  4. Messages: Apple’s messaging app for sending and receiving texts, photos, videos, and more between Apple devices.
  5. Mail: The built-in email client for managing emails.
  6. Calendar: For scheduling and managing events and appointments.
  7. Contacts: For storing and managing contact information.
  8. Notes: A note-taking app for creating and organizing text, images, and more.
  9. Reminders: For creating and managing to-do lists and reminders.
  10. Photos: For importing, organizing, editing, and sharing photos and videos.
  11. Maps: Apple’s maps and navigation app.
  12. FaceTime: Apple’s video and audio calling app.
  13. Preview: For viewing and editing PDFs and images.
  14. Keynote: Apple’s presentation software, part of the iWork suite.
  15. Numbers: Apple’s spreadsheet software, part of the iWork suite.
  16. Pages: Apple’s word processing and desktop publishing software, part of the iWork suite.
  17. GarageBand: A music creation studio with various virtual instruments and recording capabilities.
  18. iMovie: A video editing software for creating and editing movies.
  19. Time Machine: A backup utility for automatically backing up your Mac’s data.
  20. Disk Utility: For managing disks, storage devices, and disk images.

All of the above software I have taught many of my students how to use. So not only can I fix the issue with this software I can show you how to use it.

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