Training Levels

We all have different skill levels when it comes to using a Mac*. And that is OK. However, there are times that you want to skip all the blog posts about proper malware removal and how to use a command-line because you just want to find more information on how to use your mail program more efficiently. At the same time, if you are really proficient with a Mac because you have used it for years, a blog post on how to export items to a PDF is not something that interests you. If you are looking for bespoke OSX* training, call us now!

We have created skill levels for easy navigation. You may actually be in more than one level at the same time. I personally am an expert at photo databases and software troubleshooting, though I am only an advanced beginner when it comes to 3D animation software.

We will let you decide what level you are in. No judgements.

This level is for those people who have never really had a need for a computer but now have found that it is needed in everyday life. Your skills are most likely in other areas and there is no shame in that. (Kevin’s worst student was a brain surgeon!)

No tutorial will ever put you in a situation where you can harm your computer, EVER. So be fearless and try them out without the stress of breaking anything.

    Advanced beginners are those people who are either moving from a PC to a Mac or have had limited use of a Mac outside of work. You most likely get your email and spend time on Facebook with little trouble, but you want to know more.

      You use a Mac almost every day. You do almost everything online either on your phone or your iMac. There are some Applications you are really good at using. You are now looking at OSX Training to improve your workflow.

      • Basic Video Editing
      • Basic Photoshop, GIMP, Krita
      • Advanced Numbers, Pages and Keynote
      • How to use a VPN

        You most likely get paid for using a Mac. Most of the tutorials on this blog will be a little basic for you. However, now and then you will find a tip that you did not know about. You are most likely REALLY good at one of two applications that others find intimidating.

        • Command line tips and tricks
        • How to duel boot your system
        • Advanced Numbers spreadsheets
        • Automator tips and tricks
        • Basic Bash scripts

          You will most likely not find any articles on this website that are new to you. In fact, you could write OSX Training yourself. There is a good chance you are only using this website for reference.