Mac Experts have problems with computers too

There is this myth that Mac Experts never have problems with their computers. I can tell you this is a total myth because I’m currently reloading the OS on my Macbook Pro. So why do computer techs never seen to have problems with their computers. I’m going to talk about a few of those reasons today.

Sometimes it’s about our reputation.

Reputation is very important in the computer world. Customers talk about their experiences with someone they have hired to repair their phone or Macbook. This is great when the reputation is good... really hard to stop when the reputation is bad. I am currently getting customers who are coming to me because I’m told “You are friendlier and you actually understand Apple products unlike the other guy”. (I figure this tech just had a bad day… hell the whole planet has had a few bad years)

This can make a computer technician a little nervous about admitting they are having a problem with their computer. We have this image of being “Computer Masters” to keep up. We have to have this impression that “Computers just work when we are around”.

Better to be honest and relatable

Personally, I would rather have you know that I understand your frustration when tech does not work the way it should. I would rather let you know that I have been there…. (Today is one of those days). I would rather be known for being “a friendly tech who had to look up a problem but was professional, methodical, and worth every penny“. Then someone who “Bluffed his way through fixing my computer”

Sometimes it is because we have already taken precautions

My current problems with my MacBook are not a big deal because I already have backups. Yes, the device is not booting correctly however I know that I have my data needed to run my business on a time machine backup! (Two backups really)

When you have taken all the steps to keep your data on your Macbook safe, the fact that it is not booting up is only about the hardware. If I really needed to I would go buy a new computer and be up and running in a few hours. It is amazing how knowing that your data is safe can take the stress out of a Macbook Pro that will not boot.

Not the first time This has happened to us

Ever notice how when you take a child to their first haircut they are often very stressed out? But by the time you get to be my age you go to the barber to relax? For the kid it is a strange and stressful situation. They are not sure if it is going to hurt. Who is this stranger with the sharp pointy thing? For us comuter techs we see computer problems all the time so it is not stressful for us. (As stressful)

We already know everything that can go wrong.

We see it as a puzzle not a problem

Mac Experts never have problems with computers because we think that solving this sort of problem is fun! I personally love fixing a problem that I have never seen before. I love the process if testing my skills vs a unique problem. There is a sense of accomplishment when a OSX related puzzle is solved. Yes I’m sure this makes me a little odd as most people see any problems with a Mac Computer to be unacceptable. (But they are not computer Technicians)

Not that we don’t take computer problems seriously. We really do. However there is a detachment related to the situation vs “I can’t access this report I’m going to get fired”. We still get stressed if we can’t fix a customers computer. We still get stressed if a problem makes our lives harder. But like I stated above we often have already taken the steps to recover from a computer issue quickly. (I’m currently writing this on a secondary computer)

Only other techs will understand the problem anyway

I have found that venting my frustrations to someone who is not a computer tech is pointless. My wife who is very tech savvy and knows a lot about Mac Computers can only provide some support when it comes to My Mac computer problems. (She is good about emotional support or issues regarding privacy, legal or web issues).

Describing that the issue with “transferring 1TB of data over two external drives using USB2 connectors while in recovery mode is SOOOOOOO slow when I need to make a bootable drive on a time limit “is not a conversation that one has with a random person at the pub if I want anything other than blank stares. (I have done this and decided this is a bad idea). Even when I lived in Silicon Valley there was an 80% chance the person next to me would have no idea what I was talking about or would even care.

So yes our Macbooks can break too.

Yes all those problems you have with computers happen to us too. We just express it differently. Don’t feel like your issues with the Macbook Pro is your fault (Sometimes it is but most of the time it is not…. Ask me I will set you straight and show you how to avoid the problem.

That said I need to order a new Hard drive cable for my Old MacBook pro because it still will not boot.

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