Lithgow Computer training classes Dec 23

Welcome one and all to the List of classes for Lithgow Computer training classes Dec 23. These classes are for Adults and Seniors by Kevin “Mac” Mason.

December 6th

Get to know your Mac 11:30-12:30

This class covers the basics of using your Mac. We talk about how to use Finder, Back up your computer and the nifty things that will make your life easier. This class is perfect for anyone who is new to using MacOS.

Get to know your Mac 1:00 – 2:00

This is the same class as above but at a slightly different time slot.

December 7th 11:00 – 12:00

iPhones and iPads for seniors

Seniors all think they are bad at tech. Somehow the tech world has convinced them they can’t learn how to use iPads and iPhones. Well I have good news for you. This class teaches seniors how to look at tech in a new way making any device easy to use. We focus on how to use iPhones and iPads. Lithgow Computer training classes Dec 23

December 9th

How to avoid scams for Seniors : 11:30 -12:30 FREE

Seniors are being caught by scams in an alarming rate. This class is designed to help seniors spot and avoid scams before it is too late. We remove all the tech from the conversation so even the most “Not-Tech Savvy” Senior can understand. This is a FREE CLASS

How to never forget a password : 1:30 – 2:30 FREE

Learn from the most forgetful person I know … me. With my ADHD and Dyslexia I am still trying to learn my phone number. However as a tech. I need to have different passwords for everything and they all have to be random numbers letters. This class shows how to use software like Bitwarden to keep track of all your passwords

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