My View on the Apple Vision Pro

Before we get started I want to mention that I’m not your average Apple Fanboy as I have seen Apple’s mistakes as well as their triumphs. Yes I love Apple products, the operating system, and even the iPhone but I will not just assume that a product is good just comes from Apple.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro may be the next iPhone

But let’s not forget that Apple has a history of starting with a premium-priced product and then gradually expanding to more affordable options. Remember the original iPhone? It was expensive, but now we have a range of iPhones at different price points. The same can be expected for the Apple Vision Pro.

As for the concerns and criticisms surrounding the Apple Vision Pro, it’s important to acknowledge the cutting-edge technology involved in its design. With over 5000 patents filed, this device is pushing boundaries. The idea of having two 4K screens right in front of your eyes is truly impressive, especially considering the processing power required to deliver lag-free rendering of environmental input. Apple’s investment in this device goes beyond the present; it sets the stage for what’s to come in the next five years.

Apple has a pattern of introducing products that initially face skepticism but eventually win over consumers. Just think about the iPhone and the iPad. The Apple Vision Pro will likely follow a similar trajectory, captivating the market with its unique features and possibilities.

Social change is coming soon … or not.

From a social standpoint, the Apple Vision Pro aims to address concerns about excessive screen time and disconnection from the real world. By combining virtual and augmented reality in what Apple calls “Spatial Computing,” this device allows users to interact with their surroundings while immersing themselves in a virtual experience. This freedom of movement enables users to engage with others and their environment, bridging the gap between digital and physical spaces.

Apple’s attempt to create virtual representations of users’ eyes and facial expressions is an intriguing concept. By visually displaying these cues on the outside of the screen, the Apple Vision Pro seeks to reduce isolation and enhance communication. However, there remains a concern about striking the right balance between visibility and avoiding the “Uncanny Valley” effect. Without having firsthand experience with the Apple Vision Pro, it’s hard to ascertain its success in this aspect.

Would I use one in my Shop? Sometimes

There is a lot to say about having virtual monitors all around the shop that nobody else can see. This would allow me to work on information that is considered private data without risking someone else overlooking it. (Something that I am very aware of)

I do see the advantage of having the displays on the train or on areas where having a large monitor would just not be feasible. The one thing that makes me question if using the device on a regular basis in my shop is the social aspect.

Many of my clients are seniors who are very distrustful of tech as a whole. We still see seniors walking past my shop and have a look of disgust because there is another tech shop in the area. So the idea of having the Apple Vision Pro on when one of those customers walks into my shop seems like it might be a bad idea. .. Or maybe a chance to offer another class … but we will have to wait.

Ultimately, the true test will be how people embrace the Apple Vision Pro in public settings. Will its presence evoke discomfort or acceptance? Will it face a fate similar to that of Google Glass? Only time will reveal the answers to these questions, shedding light on whether wearing such a device becomes socially acceptable, even in professional environments.

Now, let’s talk about the price. Undoubtedly, the first version of the Apple Vision Pro comes with a hefty price tag. However, it’s essential to consider the significant technological advancements and investments required to bring this device to life. The pricing reflects the complexities involved in its development.

Despite the initial concerns raised, it would be unwise to underestimate Apple’s commitment to addressing feedback and refining the Apple Vision Pro. With billions invested in research, Apple closely observes users’ reactions and aims to rectify any issues that arise. Rest assured, Apple is well aware of the potential challenges and is determined to deliver an exceptional product.

Undoubtedly, it can be confidently stated that the Apple Vision Pro possesses an abundance of potential as a groundbreaking VR and AR device. Although there might be some initial doubts and reservations, considering Apple’s consistently impressive history, it is highly probable that this device will eventually capture the trust and interest of consumers. The distinctive amalgamation of cutting-edge technologies, emphasis on enhancing social interaction, and unwavering dedication to continuous refinement distinctly establish the Apple Vision Pro as a gadget that warrants careful observation and anticipation in the times ahead.

Will I get an Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, I will but with the understanding that until I see Rap Videos with people walking around with An Apple Vision Pro I’m going to most likely Not wear one in public.





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