What I wanted from WWDC and Apple did not give

I am one of those Apple geeks who get really excited about new products when they are announced during the WWDC. I actually worked at Apple in California when the Macbook Air was announced. I also spent a lot of time with the folks who developed the iWork and Life apps. I can tell you this I was never given a hint about what was going to be announced. NEVER! Not even once! Working at Apple did not give me any real insider information. Now that I live and work in Lithgow over 14K away from “the mother ship” in Cupertino I have even less insider knowledge. (I just do not feel guilty reading the roomer blogs)

While I do hear roomers and occasional information leaks I am still in the dark about the latest and greatest products from Apple. So what did I want to see today from WWDC and Apple did not give?

Start with the impractical Apple Products wish list

This is the list of things I wish Apple would make. This likes wishing one of the Billionaires would end world hunger or at least attempt to become Batman. But no they buy Twitter and Fly into space. I have heard roomers of all of these devices from various sources. but it has yet to be seen.

M2 Mac Pro

With apple moving away from the upgradeable iMacs and Macbooks they should consider having a device that is very customizable for those professionals with special needs. Something that you can fill with 10 SSD hard drives or something. Something where if you need a graphics card for rendering entire worlds of CGI could be added.

While I do not know anyone who would need that kind of power it is something that Apple should consider. Hell if I had that kind of power you would be paying taxes to me. (I’m running my business off a 10-year-old Macbook Pro)

While I do not think that the Apple studio or iMac lacks power in any shape or form I do think something customizable is in order.

Folding iPad or iPhone

Yes yes I know they normally do not announce the mobile devices during the WWDC. But I’m going to talk about this anyway.

This is one of those roomers I really like. While I’m still a little sceptical about the folding displays on the Samsung phones, I still like the concept of it. I like the idea of having a large-screen device that can fold in half. The roomer I have heard is that it would also act as a portable display.

Apple AR/VR Glasses

I like the idea of AR glasses. We did see Google’s attempt at this kind of device flop due to it was made of creepy and delivered by dorks. Apple could easily make this kind of device work well, be stylish and remove the creep factor by making it so it was not continuously recording.

The roomers I have heard about this device is that it could be as powerful as the iPhone. I also hear that Bruce Wayne and Batman are never in the same room at the same time.

I’m not expecting this device anytime soon. Unlike Google’s attempt Apple will make sure that it works flawlessly before announcing it. I also think it would be a hard device to keep under wraps as it would be literally “In your face”

Apple Car

while I did have a chance to take a look at Apple CarPlay on the WWDC again. I like the concept and I would love to have it in one of my cars. (Having a car less than 12 years old and a crappy Bluetooth speaker would be nice)

I however do not look forward to being asked to fix somebody’s car. I’m not good with cars and just because you set it up with WIFI does not make me think I would be any better at the repairs.

This roomer has been going on for some time now. They became more common when Apple purchased an area used to test cars. It could be that Apple just wanted to work on better CarPlay features. Either way, I’m not going to try to fix them!

The Reasonable asks

This is the list of Apple features I wanted but Apple did not give what was more reasonable. With the acknowledgement that even the most simple feature takes thousands of hours of testing and development to create. I still would have liked these features.

iPadOS More like MacOS

I really think that Apple is missing the boat by making iPadOS its own thing. It really should be just MacOS shoved into a Pancake. But then again I’m an Apple tech. I could fix a lot of issues if I could just access the iPads and move some files around.

While Apple does make a lot of features that make iPadOS different from iOS it still falls short of the functionality I Would like. Because I use a lot of open-source applications the iPad would not be able to use those Applications and I really feel Apple is missing out. Or maybe they know this and are avoiding it.

Third-Party App Store

I have mixed feelings about this one. While I do like the aspect of never having to worry about the apps that I am downloading from the app store being infected by malware. (At least in comparison to Android) I do have a lot of open-source software that I use every day on my Mac. The concept of a third-party App store would make my life easier. ….. then again I would be spending a lot of time removing malware from iPhones and iPads. (That would be a whole new market)

So every time you ask me about this feature I will give you a different answer. FREEDOM TO THE PEOPLE !!! WAIT NO NOT THAT MUCH GO BACK GO BACK!

More ports on the side of the Macbook Pro.

I’m not saying that USB-C is bad. I love every device that uses it. And if you ever had to copy and 2TB hard drive that was filled to the brim to another hard drive you would understand why I love USB-C. Unfortunately, there are a lot of devices that still use USB-A. It would have been nice to have more ports. Ethernet? Two USB ports. It is not like I am asking for Firewire 800!

The fact that the Apple studio has ports on the front is a sign that someone at Apple is listening.

Apple mouse redesign

While I am ok with the Apple keyboard the current Magic Mouse is … Meh. I think that Apple could really make a difference in the area. But nope I still have to turn my mouse on its side to charge it.

I do not know how they could improve it .. It just knows that it needs it .. badly

Apple did not give this time …

While Apple did not give me everything I wanted this time around that does not mean they are not working on it. So who knows maybe next time. Besides, they are not listening to an Apple repair guy in Lithgow. . . . Do you blame them?

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