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Smartphone Questions and Answers

Here are the most common Smartphone Questions and Answers from last year!

I have an old iPhone 6 should I get it fixed?

At the time I wrote this post the iPhone 6 is an old phone. Apple is no longer producing security updates for this device. If you are only going to use it as a phone and occasionally text there is no reason not to get it repaired however do not expect any of the new apps to work on this phone.

Does my iPhone need Anti-Virus?

No. While malware on iOS does exist Apple does a very good job at patching security holes before it becomes a problem. All the Anti-Virus apps for iPhones I have ever encountered have been a scam! Do not install them.

How long will it take for you to fix my iPhone 11?

I tell people that it will take 1 hour to repair an iPhone 11. Honestly, I can do the repair much faster than that but I like to make sure that the repair is done properly. (That and people tend to interrupt me while I am doing a repair so delays happen)

My iPhone is acting odd. Have I been hacked?

Hackers act in two ways. Either they are trying to be so quiet and subtle that they will avoid doing anything to make your device act odd. Or they are going to be in your face “I AM A HACKER I OWN YOU”
It kind of defeats the purpose to try to be sneaky and then make your phone do odd things.

I need a new phone can you get the photos off my sim card?

Photos have not been stored on sim cards for decades now. We can do a data transfer but your sim card will have nothing to do with it.

Do I have to get my phone repaired at Apple?

No, but if you own an iPhone 13 or 14 you should because of the warranty. That and most repair shops use third-party parts. While there is nothing wrong with third-party parts Apple will give you a better deal if your phone is still under warranty.

Do you replace iPad Batteries?

I can … however the chances of me getting the screen off without cracking it are not very good. So I tend to include the cost of the screen in the cost of the repair. (Otherwise, I will lose money in the process,,,, the Whole point of having a business is to make money)

So for the most part I tell folks to get their batteries replaced elsewhere.

What makes you better than the other Phone repair shops in Lithgow?

If you want to hear bad things about other businesses I’m not the person to talk to. But what I can say is that I have superior customer service, and my 90-day warranty is a point of pride. While others see the 90-day warranty as a legal obligation, I see it as an excuse to show off how I actually care about my customers.

Can you teach me how to use my iPhone?

Yes, we will be offering classes on how to use your iPhone.

Where can I get my iPhone 11 screen repaired in Lithgow?

I can fix it… No, really I can. Iphone repair services Lithgow, cracked iPhone display.iphone repairs Lithgow NSW 2790

Apple has a new iPhone do I need to upgrade?

No. There is a good chance there is nothing wrong with your current iPhone if it is newer than an iPhone 8. If you were thinking about upgrading then sure get a new phone but there is nothing stopping you from using the iPhone 8.

I don’t want to learn new iPhone software do I need to update iOS?

One of the things people do not understand is that computers and smartphones get EASIER to use every update .. not harder. If you update iOS there is a good chance you will enjoy it and already know how to use it. if not I do offer classes.

Will updating my phone break it?

Can you imagine the amount of money that Apple would spend to fix a problem that was caused by a software update? I mean we are talking Billions! So to prevent that Apple makes it so every update is flawless as possible.

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