Yarrr! What does opening a phone and Mac repair shop have to do with pirates?

If you are thinking of piracy having to do with BitTorrent …. I’m not that guy. (I have Married a Copyright lawyer…besides, I like open source software ). But there is this quote from Steve Jobs that has always inspired me.

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?”

Steve Jobs

I have never been one to play by the rules. Maybe it’s the ADHD or maybe its the Dyslexia. Maybe it’s the technical and creative parts of my brain that are almost 50/50? Who knows. But while many have to take a class to “Think outside of the box” I’m the one who gets in trouble because I ask “why does it have to be a box’? Half the time the only reason I did not get fired is that I am very good at my job. (I think that only Apple and my manager Josh truly appreciated me)

I learned a lot when I worked at Apple. How to look at problems in a new way. Why you should question some rules and break others. and most importantly to be different from everyone else.

“Aye Captian! There be rocks ahead!” but nobody listened to me!

All this time working for other people I have been paying attention. I tried to warn managers and owners of mistakes they were about to make. For some reason, nobody listened and I would jump ship and watch the wreck from a distance.

That time when a company lost world-renowned clients because they moved their support overseas… I warned them. but they did not listen.

The owner told me that we were no longer allowed to give “Advice” to clients because it was “A waste of company time” .. they did not listen when I said they would be our best customers.

The time I told the manager “trying to find a way to blame the client for a botched repair (A defective part) was a bad idea” …. he did not listen.

At the time I told my manager that the KPIs are going to force the staff to “game the system” to the detriment of their reputation. …..they did not listen

The list goes on.. and every time I got in trouble for pointing out the rocks. All this time I thought that there was something wrong with me.

Yarrrr Matey!! It be my ship now!

While we may have no budget. We have almost no staff. We don’t even have a budget for advertising, My mac I use to run my shop is 8 years old. If I told you my budget you would laugh. But now we have to expand because we are running out of space.

While setting up the shop for the opening I had a lot to think about what I have learned from others’ mistakes. While I am fully aware that business is about profit I know better than to listen to its siren song. I see the rocks!

Changes around here!

I’m told that there are no customers on Saturday? …. Ummm why are there so many cars? Maybe we will be open on Saturday. We are really thinking about this!

NO neckties! Wearing a tie does not equate to being professional. It also makes people think about the IT guy from work. NOPE! Not going to do it. Tradies can be covered in mud and still be professional then why not us? (This does not mean sloppy … just no ties)

I tell clients about our 90-day warranty on the repair and make them promise to bring the device back if the repair fails. I can’t fix it if you do not tell me! I need to build trust and the only way to do that is to make sure that I honour my word and make sure every repair is done to the best of my ability.

Talk like a Pirate day on September 19th. Yes, that might mean I dress up like a pirate that day… the only way to find out is to come in. Some may think it’s silly…. well that is kind of the point.

If I can fix it in under 10 minutes and it does not require a part .. it is FREE! And you will be amazed by what I can fix in less than 10 minutes. The same goes for advice. Come in and ask your question! If you need more than 10 minutes let’s talk about a class.

New phone and Mac repair shop located at 51 Main street Lithgow

We plan to open on August 10th 2022! That is not far away! See our other post about what changes we have made to the space

Mac, Phone repairs and Training.

Not only do I fix computers and Phones but I fix people. If you think that you can’t learn computers .. guess what? I can teach you. I have been teaching computers for over 20 years …. Trust me you will not be the worst student that ship has sailed (Got to keep up with the Pirate Puns)

  • Phone Repairs (iPhone and Android)
  • Mac Repairs
  • Refurbished Macs and Mobile Devices
  • Classes for all ages
  • 3D printing, Linux and Robots … OH MY!!

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