How long should an iPhone battery last?

Most people have already settled into the concept that they are going to need to charge their iPhone battery at least once a day, But I still get the question How long should an iPhone battery last? Mostly from those seniors who are moving away from the push button phones and to smartphones.

It depends on how you use your smartphone

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Each person has a different way of using their smartphones. Some of my clients are only using their phone to call friends and family and the occasional email. I am a power user and could almost run my entire business off the phone. We can’t forget those kids who almost always have TicTok or some game running.

Games and Video

If you watch a lot of video or play a lot of games you can expect to charge your phone often. Maybe even twice in a day depending on the game.

While watching a Youtube video dose not seem like it would use a lot of power it does. Think about it you have the processor running, Wifi or Cell connection downloading as fast as it can. Video and sound are also needing to do their part so you can watch the latest cat video!

Games are very similar but they use more processing power than videos.

Email and Maps

Email can use a lot more power than you think. The reason for this is the push notifications. If you have a job where you need to check your email all the time then Push notifications is most likely a good idea to have turned on. However if you are someone like my friend Mike who hates to look at his email then push notifications is just a battery drainer.

Maps is another one of those energy drainers. The reason for this is that the software is needing to talk to the server to get updated information about your trip, GPS uses Power and then you have the audio and Bluetooth. This is one of the many reasons to have a good charger for your iPhone in your car.

I had to get one of those Wireless car charger phone holders because I do a lot of travel to customers homes to give personal training classes. More than once I have found that my iPhone had used up a ton of power during the trip.

How often should you have an iPhone battery replaced?

The quick answer to this question is as often as you need. For the most part you should be able to use your iPhone all day and only have to charge it when you get home (Unless you are playing a lot of games)

The rule I use is that if you need to charge your iPhone more than once a day and you are not playing games you should consider getting the battery replaced.

Before we replace the battery lets check some settings.

Look I am happy to replace the battery on your iPhone but you do need to consider that there may not be anything wrong with it. It is very common for someone to bring me an iPhone that is warm to the touch. The customer often blames the battery for the heat but it is really that the processor is running something in the background.

Before we replace the battery I will check your settings to see if there is anything that is draining your iPhone’s power. Most of the time if there is a problem with a battery it will be cold not warm.

IF I can fix the settings in less then 5 minutes I will not charge for the service.

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