iPad Unavailable where in Lithgow to get this fixed?

Did your iPad post lock you out with the sign iPad Unavailable? This is an Apple security feature that is meant to keep the bad guys out of your iPad. Well, I have good news and bad news for you.

Good news first I can fix your iPad.

There is nothing broken with your iPad. In fact, I can safely say that it did this because you put in the wrong code to get in. Now for safety, they have locked you out of it. This can be fixed by wiping the iPad and reloading the OS. For me, this is an easy job.

The bad news if you do not have a back up your data is GONE!

Yes, I am an Apple expert .. yes I can help with all kinds of issues. But this was designed to prevent someone like me from accessing your data. If you do not have a backup there is nothing I can do.

If you have forgotten your iCloud password the iPad is now an expensive paperweight. When we restore the iPad to factory settings you have to have the cloud password or it will never work again.

But wait … there is other good news …maybe

There is a good chance we can wipe the data after the iPad Unavailable message and still get your data back … but you have to know your iCloud password. There is a chance that you are backing up your iPad and did not know it. But you need the password.

In the past few weeks, I have been able to recover data from devices with the iPad Unavailable message, but only because they had a backup.

Where can you get your iPad fixed in Lithgow?

We are located in Lithgow Tech Services on 53 Main street. While I can restore your iPad to new condition you will need a few things before you visit.

  • iPad
  • Apple ID & Password (You do not need to give that to me but you should know it before you visit)
  • Idea of the old iPad pin to get into it.

The process does not take long however we can normally have the iPad ready for pickup in 24 hours.

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