Starting April 1st we will no longer be servicing Mac Computers

I had a long time to think about this post! It was a hard decision but it had to be done! As of April first, we will no longer be servicing Mac computers as I find them difficult to work on. The software is always buggy and I just do not enjoy it anymore.

We will only be repairing windows computers. . . . . . . Starting April first!

This is the point I want to remind you that it is April First.

YES, this is a joke ..

but you should have known that. It seems that April first is the one day that everyone seems to pay attention to their critical thinking. Honestly, it should be every day.

As much as I wanted to write a full-page joke.. I started to think that I spend a lot of time trying to get people to not fall for scams and disinformation. While I’m not worried about the joke part … I am worried that people would actually believe this. So maybe turn it into a teaching moment.

Scams are a joke that hurts your bank account.

While I do fix Mac computers I am also very invested in teaching people how to avoid scams and disinformation. One of the biggest tools to defend yourself from scams and disinformation is to pretend that every day is April first.

  • Think twice before sharing information you can not verify
  • Is the person on the phone really from Telstra?
  • Does your internet service provider even care if you have a virus on your computer?
  • Why would someone call you to make you rich via Bitcoin?
  • Is that meme claiming that all vaccines are Nanobot mind control sound real?

If it is too good or too scary to be true … there is a good chance it is not.

While April fools pranks are often funny and give you the case of the giggles. Scams and disinformation try to target other emotions, like fear, anger & greed. IF you find yourself feeling those emotions after someone has contacted you .. maybe you should pretend it is April Fools Day.

Because I do not trust people to think critically any other day this page will self destruct in …. 3 ……2 …..

The last thing I need is for this page to hurt my business because they did not read the whole page. So I’m going to make sure this page does not get recorded by Google.

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