SugarDaddy Scam Part 3 (The Proof….NOT)

We are back again with the Sugar Daddy Scam.. This week we are going to talk about his ” special girl”. and why he sent this image.

Wow, look at that money … So what?

I see this a lot in advertising and scams (Sometimes they are the same thing). The reason why they use it is that it works.

While this will not work on everyone I am sure there are some people who are on the edge of believing and in a vulnerable state. They might even think “Sure why no… if they don’t pay me what do I have to lose” (What they don’t know is they can lose everything)

. For those folks who are not good at critical thinking, the image of the money and the name of the “special girl” might be enough to convince them.

What what would it take to make those photos?

About $20 in green paper and a trick to the local car dealership (And not even talk to a salesman) I want you to think about how little effort it would take to make those images. At the moment it is easy because someone is not offering a wad of cash and a car to you.

He gave her a name

So why did he give her name? Why does that matter? So it works like this. When we are told a story our brains by default assume that the person talking to us is telling the truth. Trust is in our nature. While some of us are a bit timid around strangers the majority of us just go along for the ride and think “Sure they must be telling the truth” (Especially if we want it to be true)

So when someone like this is feeding you a bucket of lies and you are not totally sceptical like our friend Pearlynrae it does not take much for our brains to accept something last the truth … sometimes it just needs a little push..or more like hundreds of little pushes… like a name of a person and a list of other details. and if the confirmation bias is strong, we get caught by the scam.

While in this case, the guy was just making a fool of himself. (and his delivery was laughable at best)

Next week we will talk about the mechanics of this scam.

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