The Streamer Sugar Daddy Scam (Part Two)

So last week we talked a little about my friend who is a streamer friend of mine who was approached by a scammer on her Instagram.The sugardaddy scam (Part One) We talked a little about how streamers work very hard at their craft however this sometimes makes them the perfect target for a scam.

Saying he is not intrested in pics

Like I said before she was not fooled for a second! But for some reason, he pushed on.

Read the top message carefully. Let’s talk about why he says that. He starts with qualities we all aspire to. Loyalty and trust. While I am not a woman I can assume that when someone approaches you with offers of money and the phrase “Sugar daddy” they are really asking to pay for sex. But this scammer is not after that … he is no interest in her other than her very sexy bank account details. So he mentions that he is not interested in sex or nudes.

Just watching the live streams on Instagram women are being hounded by men continuously for nudes and sex. So stating that right off the bat could be used to make the mark less suspicious. (You can read she did not fall for that)

Disrupt and Reframe

This is a technique where a fast-talking con artist or salesman will mess with our brains by saying something that we have a hard time processing. Then reframe it in a way that it seems more reasonable. “I want to give you money … they give me advice, not sex or nudes” …. That kind of messes with someone brain even for a second when also having to process that they might catch a break and some cash.

He did kind of crash and burn with the “Hey Babe” … I would never call her that and we have been chatting for a while …

Spinning the story

Scams are weaponised stories designed so we can focus on what we want … fill in the blanks and get a little taste of a dream while the con artist reaches for our wallet. Con artists will tailor the story to fit their intended target. (This guy should have done some research … more of an amateur really ) Note how he repeats himself twice making the same capitalisation error with the “I” showing that he was cutting and pasting from a document into the chat window. He has used this story a lot ..

Alignment ..

This story was written for a specific kind of target. American, conservative, poor and greedy. I can tell this because they mention Jacksonville Florida is known for being conservative, Poor but hard-working ( Also a common theme … with conservative folks) and mentioning that he owns a construction company clearly points at the greedy and yet conservative as that sort of thing speaks to the working class.

This technique is used all the time with con artists. They will attempt to make you think they are just like you .. kindred spirits. I see many scam websites use Donald Trump’s name, an American flag and a picture of Jesus to sell snake-oil vitamins that are supposed to cure COVID.

The story continues … now we understand why he has that username .. all part of his badly performed plan.

So now we continue with the American dream .. man has nothing works hard and now is rich and wealthy. (Notice the mention of the wealthy) And justify his wanting to help broke college students. making it sound like he is a nice person. A common trick is to make marks think you are generous when in reality, not so much.

In a previous blog post, I talked about how con artists will often make you think that they have more money They do this so you think that they are not interested in money. This way when they ask for it .. you are blindsided.

Then they go for the heart strings.. and fails

He mentions His mother’s death by cancer connecting the odd username to the story. The concept that was badly delivered is that having a username that suggests that he is moring the loss of his mother would add validity to his story. but honestly, it’s a little creepy. I think I will have an entire post about this con artists failures.

Next week we talk about his “Special Baby”

Next week we will talk about “his special baby” .. Why he brings it up … and why he keeps failing… badly.

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