Big Social Media privacy mistakes will get you hacked!

I know that you folks are aware that I repair Mac Computers in Lithgow… but I’m also am studying Hacking (Makes me better at online security … no I’m not going to hack your friend’s wifi ). Part of that is passwords, how to track someone online etc. But a major part of it is understanding the techniques that hackers will use to break into an online account. I have to say you folks are making it easy for the hackers. This blog post will talk about what are some of the worst online mistakes people make on social media.

#3 Everything is set to public.

The other day I was talking to a friend who was having issues with a stalker. I took a look at her Facebook Page and discovered that all her information was public. I’m not talking about the individual posts. I’m talking about important information.

  • Birthdate
  • Where she works
  • Her Home town
  • Her phone number
  • Her email address

I also looked at her individual posts. She always tagged her location. This is not bad except that she was having issues with a stalker.

The Fix: Check your Privacy settings

Go through all your social media accounts and find out what information is public. Then think .. Do I want this information out there? I totally understand that some folks are trying to run a business and some information needs to be public. However that should be your active choice not a default setting.

#2 Recycling Passwords

If you have been reading my blog at all you will know that I have been warning people about reusing the same password for all their social media accounts. The problem is that not all those websites have hired the best online security teams. Hell, even Facebook had a data breach a few years back. If a hacker gets hold of one of your passwords from a website you no longer use they have access to every website you have used that same password. (And yes it is very easy to find out that kind of info)

The Fix: Change all your passwords!

Go through all your online history and change your accounts to a strong password. If you need help tracking down your old accounts I can help.

#1 Playing the “What is your Rockstar name” games

I’m not sure if this needs to be number two or number one. Do you know those games where you choose your birth date + your dogs name to find out what your Rockstar name is? “Fluffy Simpson”.

Yes, these are fun games. but I want you to take a look at some of the questions in these games

  • Where were you born?
  • What is your Pet’s Name?
  • What is your mothers maiden name?
  • Your Favourite Book?
  • Your street address?

Now look at the questions your bank will ask when you cannot remember or do not know your password.

  • Where were you born?
  • What is your Pet’s Name?
  • What is your mothers maiden name?
  • Your Favourite Book?
  • Your street address?

Now if you are thinking that some of the questions are innocent.. think again. How many do you fill out? Do you think they have to be on the same game for someone to add all these questions together to create a profile? Nope! combination with all the other information you have made public on Facebook it only takes a little bit of deductive reasoning to get enough information to convince someone they are you.

The Fix : Don’t Play or at least don’t post your answers

If you need help securing your online accounts or discovering exactly what the internet knows about you we can help.

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