USB-C is not evil!

If you have purchased a new Macbook or iMac in the last few years you will have what you think is the “Evil USB-C” port. This is the tiny USB port that everyone is fighting. But I’m here to ask “What did USB-C ever do to you?? USB-C is not evil! just misunderstood.

USB-C is better

The list of reasons why USB-C is better than USB-A is a very long list. Let’s start with the basics

Less cables

We all have that box of old computer cables that seem to connect to nothing. Each of these cables will find its new home in a landfill at some point. But how would you feel if that box was filled with cables that could connect to almost anything? This is what the USB-C connection was designed to do… On the problem, nobody wants to use it.

Once USB-C Becomes the standard connector you will never have to ask “Do you have a power/video/drive/printer cable that connects to my _______” knowing very well that your coworker is going to say no. With USB-C the answer will always be YES.

Imagine taking your computer overseas and knowing that you only have to pack one (Maybe two cables) think about how much space it will save you.

USB-C is much faster

USB-C is so much faster than the older versions. IF you are going to be moving large files between computers and an external HD USB-C is the way to go! The few tests that I have done using USB-C on my mac have been very impressive.

It’s not a plot for more money

I often hear people complaining about how they need to have a new cable to connect to different devices. They really do not like change. If you take these same people and make them use an old computer using a parallel port to connect a printer, you will get some serious RAGE!!

The reason why there is a move to USB-C is that it is better… AND it is backward compatible! This means that a tiny adapter (comes with many of the devices you get these days) Will allow you to connect your devices to USB-C or USB-A !!!

Try to find the adapter for that old radio you have and tell me that not having a single cable that connects everything is bad.

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