Get your Mac fixed

Is it time to get your Mac fixed? Or do you need to buy a new M1 MacBook? This is a very good question. Unfortunately, it is not an easy answer. What is wrong with your old mac? Does it do everything that you need? Do you have the money needed to invest in a new Mac? These are the question you need to ask yourself before pulling out your iPhone to use Apple Pay.

Does your old Mac still do everything that you need?

This is perhaps the most important question I can ask you. Computers do get old but honestly, you do not need to upgrade them all the time. Personally, I am using a 9-year-old MacBook and it does almost everything that I need. … Almost

I have noted that when running some of the heavier programs it is taking longer to finish a task. Video editing, Artificial intelligence and other tasks are taking FOREVER!! But for everyday use, they work fine.

So the idea of me getting a new mac just to surf the web, get an email and write a few invoices to my training clients seems a bit much. However, I will consider getting a new M1 Macbook for some of the heavier applications.

If your mac is no longer getting email. If you can no longer access your online banking, then it is time to think about getting your Mac fixed or maybe get a new one.

Time for a Mac tune-up or fix!

Sometimes an iMac just needs a good Tune-up or hard drive fix to get working again. This is where we can help. Before forking out good money for a computer that might be a bit overkill give us a call and we can help you decide if you need to repair your mac or get a new one.

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