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As a computer geek, I’m not just going to be working on Apple Computers. I do like to tinker with various bits of technology. This blog will be about the various projects that I have started. (And sometimes finish). This will focus on my learning process. I do not claim to be an expert on anything (Other than Apple Computers and Training)

I do want to warn you the Tinker Blog will not be edited or spell checked

What is it to Tinker?

Attempt to repair or improve something in a casual or desultory way

There is an importance for a tech to tinker. There is a misconception that every moment needs to be productive. However I say that there are projects that can just be fun. Though I will say that the value in these projects are far more valuable then you think.

My workshop that is mostly decanted to the repair of Mac computers and mobile phones also contains a 3d printer, a few Raspberry Pi, A growing collection of Vintage Macs and Arduino (sensors). All dedicated to one thing my curiosity.

No time tinkering is wasted time.

In a world where we have to make every moment reach some form of bottom-line Tinkering is so important. For me, tinkering is a way to relax while scratching that curiosity itch. Though my wife classifies my tinkering as “Work-related” I only partly agree with her.

We learn when it does not matter.

When I was a bit younger I was given a Mac Mini as a gift. I spent a lot of time tinkering with the device. I even broke it so many times (And repaired it) it got the nickname of “Frankenmini” as it was cobbled together with replacement parts booting to an external drive. Though these days I would have looked back at that old device and think “ugg what a hack”, those hours of working on that barley functioning Mac Mini is what got me the job at Apple.

Children learn best when they are curious. A child will not remember the last history test they took yesterday however if they are curious about a topic like old video game systems or Roman Empire. They will remember all kinds of details that no class will ever be able to teach.

When I tinker with my tech projects I gain a larger understanding of the world of tech that at times may apply to my Apple Repair and Training business.

Given time to Tinker on the clock

I believe in this so much that when we open a storefront in Lithgow (We have plans … not the money but plans) our employees will be given an hour a week to work on anything tech-related (even if it is not an Apple computer). Why? Because it not only improves their productivity in other areas but it may open up an opportunity for them later in life.

This practice is something that major tech companies have been doing for decades. Both Apple and Google will give their employees time to work on their own projects for an hour a week (Apple via training and Google more open-ended by it must be Google related). Both companies feel that this also opens up the possibility of stumbling upon something that might be profitable.

My Current projects

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