Scams and Disinformation

This page is dedicated to understanding Scams and Disinformation so you do not become a victim. The internet can be a dark place but it can also be filled with information that makes our lives better. We just need to learn how to find tell the difference.

Scam blog

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This section of the blog is dedcated to all things related to scams. New scams I discover in the lithgow area. And the popular posts where I lead on a scammer and explain to you the techniques they use to convice you to hand over you account information.

I break down the scams line per line and show you how the scam work and how to avoid them.


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Disinformation is deadly. There are scammers who have decided to make profit off selling you false information about vaccines, masks and covid itself. While some of the blogs have outlandish claims that are not basied on relaity.. some are really sneaky and sound like science.

My research is all about understanding how they work, and how they can convice normally intelagent people crazy concepts that will end up getting other sick.