Magg-Pi Web Blocker!

Keep the bad stuff away from your computers! We offer a proprietary service where we use a device attached to WiFi modem that blocks malicious ads that could infect your computer with malware or track what you do on the internet. We can also configure the devices to block Adult content from any laptops and phones using your WiFi to access the web.

Devices can be configured to block the following categories

  • Adult content
  • Social media
  • Dating sites
  • Torrent and Pirate sites
  • Software used to scam Seniors (Remote access)
  • Malware and Ransomware

How does it work?

We route all your internet traffic through this device. The device has a weekly updated list of sites and ads that have been found to be harmful or inappropriate. No software to slow down your computer is installed. We just adjust your settings on your modem, configure the device to filter out a list of websites, and off you go. Even if someone was to bring a new computer to your home the moment they connect it to your WIFI they are protected from the harmful websites.

Block adult content?

We know that kids and teens can accidentally discover adult websites even when they are not trying. Even the most innocent web searches could go wrong. (Example: Kid looking up if latex paint will bond to plastic searching for ” Latex Bonding models” ……just going to let that sink in for a moment ). We have a list of over 195,000 blocked sites and this number grows every week. We can also customise the list to your preference so you can limit social media access or allow specific educational sites.

Keep the Teens/Employees away from dating sites, social media, and pirate sites.

We have configurations that will block the most common dating, social media, and pirate sites from your network. Making sure the kids – or your staff – do not let their curiosity get them into trouble or distracted from productive tasks.


There are new adult websites every week how do you block them all?

We can’t block them all, however we have created a spider that searches the internet for the most common adult websites and ads them to the list. This spider is working 24/7 to find new sites that have not been blocked. Though it’s impossible to keep someone who is determined from finding those websites, we reduce the liklihood by adding the frustration factor after 10 or 15 min of finding nothing. After all, they could be playing Minecraft instead.

We also subscribe to a few lists that are doing their own updating of content.

Do all the computers have to be filtered?

No1 We can easily make sure that the Parents’ computers are not hindered by the filter. So if you want to have only your kids computer blocked from Facebook we can make that happen with just a setting.

What happens if your device fails? Will we all loose internet?

Part of the package is instructions in a sealed envelope on how to disable the settings in case of an emergency. We also offer free support during business hours to keep you running.

Privacy? Will you see my internet searches?

Only if you ask us to. The devices, by default, do not keep records of your web traffic. So even if we are ordered by the government (and trust us, it would have to be a serious order because Marc is an admitted Solicitor and Privacy fanatic) we would have no records to show them. If you would like us to work with you to both track block certain sites we can, with your WRITTEN permission, turn on the logs and use that to creat a block sites list. However, we would have to visit your home or business to get those logs because we will NEVER access your system remotely.

I’m still seeing ads, is it working?

The idea is not to block all ads, just the “Evil” ones. Yes, this does mean that Facebook is still going to show you ads on new pots and pans because you visited a site that sold cookware. Though this is invasive, the ads will not harm your computer.

There are also sites like SBS that require that you watch the ads in order to see their shows. These ads are not blocked.

Can you block a phone that is using 4G or 5G?

Unfortunately, no. But don’t tell the kids that. If they figure that out there will be a spike in the internet traffic. We can provide advice on ways to set their phone settings regarding mobile data.

Can you filter Netflix movies that are not appropriate for kids?

No: But Netflix can, take a look at your settings. We are happy to help.

Can you Block Tiktok and Instagram?

Yes: assuming they are not on 4G or 5G. There are settings on the phone that you can use to prevent them from downloading the apps in the first place. Ask about our Apple iPhone* training

My Senior parent keeps falling for scams, will this help?

Yes: Not only have we have a setting to block remote access software (How many of the scammers are working), we also have an ever-updating list of scams that arrive via email. Though we cannot guarantee they won’t be scammed, we can drastically reduce the chances that a scammer can use email or remote access software to do damage.

I have a business and we just added 10 computers, does it cost more ?

No: It does not matter if you are using 1 computer or 100 – the cost is the same. It is connected to your WiFi. So it will even work on, and is especially suggested to be used for, public or guest access WiFi systems – like in pubs or cafe’s. However, businesses can pay for a priority service upgrade in case of device failures.

We have a cafe with free WIFI, can you keep customers off adult websites.

There is nothing worse then having a customer open up a web browser and start looking at porn while in a cafe, or use up your internet bandwidth pirating the latest Walking Dead episodes. This could get you as the owner of the WiFi in trouble. We can configure the device to block those sites (assuming they are not using a VPN or hotspotting their own 4G data).

Does it work for PC and Mac*?

Yes: it works for PC , Mac, Linux , iphones and most Android devices.

How much does it cost?

We require:
A device deposit of $100 (refundable if you cancel service and return device)
A one time set-up and customised block list configuration fee of $150
AND $15 a month subscription charge, with the first three months up front.
So your initial total will be $295 andd then $15 per month starting 3 months after installation.

Can I report a site that is not on the list?

YES: Once a site is reported it will be updated in the next week so everyone benefits.

Will you show me how to use the device so we can administer or own network?

YES: The first lesson is free. However, it’s important to note that what you are paying for is the updated weekly updates provided by our proprietary search spider and reporting from other customers. It takes about 1 minute to block a site manually from the device. We have have already blocked the first 195,000 (and counting) for you.

The device is broken, do I have to pay for another?

That depends. Did it get hit by lightning or has it failed for no reason? Any device failure not caused by external influence is warrantied. You will not have to pay for us to istall and configure a new one.
However if the device is damaged due to physical damage: spilled water, power surge or someone trying to alter the software – there will be a device repair or replacement fee. But there will not be any charge for us to reconfigure the replacement device.

Do we own the device?

No: you are renting the device. At the end of the service the device will be returned. Assuming it has no damage, we will refund your $100 deposit and we will be happy to set up your network the way it was before we arrived.

Are you going to block fine art?

No: Leonardo da Vinci “Statue of David” or Angolo Bronzino “Allegory of Venus and Cupid” will not be filtered out at all. We strictly block porn sites that sell themselves as such. Life Drawing sites, medical journals, and Art sites that are not attempting to attract those who are looking for porn will not be blocked. If you provide us a list of SPECIFIC websites in this area that you would like blocked, we can customize your filter as part of the initial configuration service.

We want to filter a lot of different content does it cost more ?

No: It only takes a few seconds to configure the lists to suit your needs. There is no need to charge you extra just because I flipped a single switch. However if you have a particular kind of category that is not in the list. We can reprogram our spider to hunt down and block those sites for a fee.

Is there a contract?

You are not locked into a payment contract. After the 3 months that is non-refundable (Covers set up costs) you may end the service at any time and we will be more than happy to come and pick up the device and set the network back the way it was before.

My kids friend shared a naked picture on Facebook! Why was that not blocked?

Unless you asked us to block Facebook we would not be able to block anything specifc hosted by Facebook.