You can call me “Mac”: How a computer guy got the nickname

So throughout my life I have had a bunch of nicknames. Being a geek in high school as you can imagine many were not flattering at all. Some I only allow a few people to use. This is the story about how I got the nickname and you can call me “Mac”

Working at Apple

While I was working at Apple as a software specialist in California I earned the name “Kev-base” This is a reference to the database that Apple techs use to called the K-base or knowledge base. I was given that name because I knew some crazy ways to fix iPhoto, iMovie and other software that was not normally found in the K-base. So I was happy to be called “Kev-base” . However that nickname stayed with Apple.

Few years later I moved to Lithgow right before the pandemic. And when the current job repairing Macs in Katoomba made me redundant I was forced to find another way of making a living.

Opened up my own shop MacMason

Kevin Working on the new computer shop. but you can call me "Mac"
Fixing the wall

From here I opened my own shop called MacMason. The idea was to have a play on words with my Last name and rely heavily on the imagery of bricks and masonry to the point across that I am not your normal tech and can talk to tradies. IT worked.

Well it worked a bit too well. As one of my clients forgot my first name and assumed that My name was “Mac”. I tried to correct them however they kept forgetting.

Then a few new people in my friend group started to call me “Mac” and once the kids started to call me “Mac” I knew I was done for. There was nothing that I could do to change it. Everyone was going to call me Mac.

Then I started to think You can Call me “Mac”

There is always a part of my brain that is working on the Marketing for the shop. It is something that I wish I could get to be quiet in by brain but nope. I started to realise that a Apple computer expert named Mac would be something that would be Marketing gold. As much as I wanted to make the nickname go a way I knew the I will always be known as the Computer guy named Mac in Lithgow.

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