One Year of using my iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro review after one year. I do not upgrade my phones as much as you would think. I am one of those techs that feel that as long as the phone does what I need it to do there is not a lot of reason to upgrade. I have never been one of those people who feel like they are better somehow because they have a newer device. The only reason why I upgrade is because I have to or there is some new feature that my students will want me to teach them.

The reason why I upgraded my phone

So little do many people know I am not just an iPhone person. I happen to like Samsung as well. You will not hear me complain about a Samsung Phone ever … (except for one point and that is Android is prone to Apps taking over the phone. (I get at least two paid clients a week that need me to remove runaway Ad apps from their phone ) My last personal phone was the Samsung A30 and for the most part it was. good phone. However now that I have an Apple centric repair shop in Lithgow, I figured that I really needed to know the newer versions of IOS backwards and forwards.

So I purchased the iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro.

When my A30 started to play up I figured it was time to get a new iPhone. I thought about this a lot. Looked at all the featured and decided that I wanted to actually get a Pro version of the iPhone. (The difference between the A30 and the Iphone pro cost is almost $1500)

What Pro features I actually use

While some people are always wanting to have the very best of everything but can’t tell you why they perched something at that price point I am one of those people that like to actually understand what I am buying. So I always take a good look at the features and compare

Dynamic Island

While some people think that the iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island is a silly feature I actually like it. There are all kinds of things that I use it for. Most of the time it is an updated widget that lets me know when my timer is done or a music controller that is active even when I am in another app.

If you are thinking this is just a stupid way to hide the hole for the camera you are not wrong. However the difference is that Apple does a really good job at making this feature actually work.

While I do not feel this a feature that will be a key selling point. It is a feature that I would miss if I was not using a Pro version. This feature alone is not worth the upgrade.

Cool Camera!

Pro camera system

48MP Main Ultra WideTelephotoPhotonic Engine for incredible detail and colour 
Autofocus on TrueDepth front camera

Now I love Photography. While I do love having a camera with swappable lenss. There are times when I do not have access to that camera. So the iPhone 14 Pro camera is amazing.

So a few weeks ago my wife took me out to Dubbo to the observatory and these are the photos that I took. I want to point out that both of these photos were taken with my iPhone 14 Pro without a tripod and the minimum amount of editing. In both cases the photos were taken without flash and I used a three second exposure.

While I do love the camera I do not think that most people are going to use the same features as I do. The camera quality is the main feature that I would suggest to people who are interested in a Pro version of the iPhone.

taken with an iPhone 14 Pro
Taken with an iPhone 14 Pro


I have to say that my phone has a lot of graphical power and does not slow down for much of anything. I have found that when playing games or editing video my phone is very fast and can handle the largest games the App Store has to offer.

Tons of Storage

I got the 128 version. While that is the lower end of the Pro versions. When you are used to only having 36 gigs to store everything it feels like I have a warehouse in my pocket. Even after a year of using the phone and forgetting to offload games I have only used uo 50% of my iPhone storage space.


I have to say that the iPhone 14 Pro is the best phone I have owned ever. Even compared to some of the Higher end Samsung phones (S5 , S7, S10 etc at the time all powerhouses)

While I would suggest this phone to power users I would think twice about offering one to a senior who only wants to use the basic features.

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