Blackheath Mac Repairs

We opened our shop just after COVID started. Made redundant by my former employer and the reality that nobody in the area has my level of Apple repair experience… I opened my own shop. Now I do, Katoomba, Lithgow and Blackheath Mac Repairs.

Mac software expert

When I say that I know Apple software. I’m not talking about a few online classes. I worked at Apple in California in the Applecare software department. I can tell you the training needed to do the job was intense. So I can say that my understanding of Mac software is more than most in the area. This makes me perfect for Blackheath Mac Repairs.

I service software Apple will not touch

It is understandable that Apple will not support software they did not create. However, this does not stop me from taking advantage of this situation and offering to support and service third party software for Mac computers. My understanding of the Apple ecosystem allows me to suggest the best software to get the job done at the same time understand that some people just are happy with the software they have and just need it to work.

I repair iMacs, Macbooks and Mac minis

Using my unique knowledge of Mac hardware and software there is little that I can not fix. Also because I do not sell mac computers I’m not motivated to tell you to buy a new iMac just because your old one is slow. I like to think of not only your budget but how your use your computer before offering advice on upgrades.

Mac upgrades can add some extra life to your old MacBook. The way I look at it as long as you can still use the MacBook then there is little need to buy a new one.

Blackheath Mac Repairs

Katoomba, Blackheath and Medlow Bath are in my service area. This means I do not charge an extra fee to service your mac in Blackheath. Book a appointment for Blackheath Mac Repairs.

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